can you grow bananas in san francisco

A machete works well for this. Do u think I should them in bigger pots or right in the ground now? Some of those parts are capable of getting cold enough to damage bananas. The weather will warm and the days are getting longer such that by the end of the month or early March you’ll start to see new growth, and by about May your plant will look awesome. Some ideas: Are yours watered a lot in summer? Herbs can grow year round in San Francisco and make for a good starting point for a family plant project. Thanks for good info also for Avacado. The fruits are rich in fibre, potassium, vitamins A, B6 and C. But it's also about flavour - and you just can't beat the taste of a home grown banana. Earl’s Organic Produce, San Francisco, is expanding into space it originally occupied at the San Francisco … The Mexicolas I grew here in Fresno, I picked about a shopping bags a week. Actually, they continue to grow very slowly, but nothing like they do in summer. (hybrid) Related species Abyssinian Banana (Ensete ventricossum Cheesman), Musa balbisina Colla, M. ornata Roxb., M. textilisNee AdaptationBananas and plantains are today grown in every humid tropical region and constitutes the 4th largest fruit crop of the world. He waters his a lot. Most banana plants I’ve seen will send out a flower sometime around two years after planting — depends on the weather, variety, soil and watering. Do you leave the bunch on long enough before harvesting? The X is wedged under the leaning plant. And sure enough, when I looked it up, cereus was given as another name for it. Being tropical plants, bananas require great quantities of water, heat, and rich humus-type fertilizers. California law allows each person over 21 years old, to possess up to an ounce of flower or up to 8 grams of cannabis concentrate. It is a banana relative that doesn't bear tasty fruit but is grown for its dramatic form and its reddish leaves, which are redder when it is grown in full sun. Well, with some luck from Mother Nature and a bit of skill, it really is possible enjoy the majestic and mighty banana tree right in your own desert backyard. It’s generally helpful for bananas to grow where the wind is not strong. I inherited the plant from the previous owner, so I am not sure It’s possible in parts of Los Angeles for winter nights to get cold enough to do some leaf damage to bananas. This plant does indeed also bloom at night, as do many white-flowered plants that seek to attract night-flying moths as pollinators. The plant needs 10 – 15 months of frost-fr… Considered a virtually perfect food, the banana is very low in sodium, high in potassium, and contains approximately 6 vitamins and 11 minerals. Within a year, that transplanted sucker will multiply into a mat, a family of banana plants. Indeed, strong winds are as big a danger to bananas as frost. Earl’s Organic expands; fair trade banana program to grow. Read the Where to buy Gros Michel bananas? I live in Oceanside zone 24. He also uses a fertilizer called ClassiCote 15-8-23. Watering and soil conditions that bananas like. Bananas need little water during the winter here, when they’re almost dormant, but in the summer they love to drink. If you want more banana plants in another part of your yard, or if your neighbor wants some, you can grab a shovel and chop a small plant out of the mat and give it away or transplant it. It's actually quite easy, once you understand the needs of a banana tree. Bananas are grown in the warm, tropical corners of the US, namely Hawaii and Florida. Read the Where to buy Gros Michel bananas? (Mere frost won’t kill a banana plant, but it does slow down its fruit production by damaging leaves. The bananas can be picked once they are plump (no longer so angular) but still green, as commercial bananas are, or you can leave them on the plant until they turn yellow and ripe. Common names are like nicknames, and the one most frequently used for this species is queen of the night, but it is also sometimes called Dutchman's pipe and night-blooming cereus. My house came with glorious banana plants. So you can, after harvesting all the fruit, cut off that particular plant. If they don’t have the variety you want in stock, ask them to order it. This only sometimes happens. That winter, the deer smashed it down. And in fact, a friend who lives near me in the hot and dry foothills of San Diego County is producing these wonderful bananas: You can also check with Armstrong in Rancho Penasquitos. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Bananas can be grown well and easily throughout most of Southern California between the mountains and the ocean, specifically Sunset Zones 24 down to 21, I’ve grown bananas within this ideal band. How long until a banana plant flowers and fruit ripens. Master Gardener, Carol O'Donnell, has prepared several charts for the specific weather conditions that exist on the Peninsula -- Hot, Sunny, and Foggy.She has also prepared a schedule for a 200 square foot planting bed showing how to most efficiently use the space for a year-round veggie garden!! Bananas can also be grown in such states as Texas, Arizona and California. . But don’t despair. I live in Valley village (north hollywood) in the San Fernando Valley. Hi Greg, Bananas’ love for soil fertility was once illustrated to me when I grew some around a compost pit. Nothing says more about the tides of change that have swept over San Francisco than two homes being offered for sale just now. Thank you PS how do you keep them from not going brown? discussion from the Chowhound Markets, San Francisco food community. I would have enjoyed it if the local wild parrots had eaten them – but not beetles!! In any given winter, temperatures might drop too low, or not. Water - once a week during warm months. There are others. Greg, we put in our first bananas In the spring of 2019. Are there any species of these fruits that can withstand cold better than others? They will grow in any garden, on a wood deck, rooftop, even a narrow fire escape, so long as you catch the sun. But when you grow your own, you’ll likely grow a different type and you’ll be able to experience new banana flavors and textures. Herbs can grow year round in San Francisco and make for a good starting point for a family plant project. Now it is so tall and robust that the leaves are touching the ceiling and it has bananas. Sometimes a plant will start fruiting in fall and then the baby bananas just sit there like statues all winter until it warms up in spring, when they resume maturing. Here, I’ve learned to put my bananas near a south-facing wall for the best frost protection. Now I will patiently wait for my bananas to ripen…, Thank Greg for an informative article on bananas! Hello. Finding Your Microclimate You’ll notice there are a few sections for “Foggy” and “Sunny” neighborhoods. Don’t cut any green leaves off. San Francisco; Seattle; ... We Have No Bananas,” it is Big Mike he’s singing about. I will tell you the risks, and then maybe you can choose a few other less risky plants for future anniversary gifts, so that you have sturdier symbols of your love to fall back on in case this one doesn't make it. Thank You! Oddly, we got a swarm of bees under our patio umbrella just as the bananas were almost all ripe (top ones were all yellow, bottom ones still green). Facts: Origin - Ryuku Islands, Japan. I had dug a pit and filled it with food and garden scraps, and then planted four bananas around the edge. I just came across your website and wanted to plant a banana tree now in the beginning of May. via email…thanks! In addition, he buries his food scraps near his banana mats. I’ve been waiting two years to hear. I surfed around there and worked near the airport for a handful of years. If you would like to know how to get a massive harvest of bananas then this is the video to watch! Just let your plant rest. We will give them another month or two and see what happens. While this probably sounds strange to some of you, if you stop and think about the way I live and shop it’s easy to see how this idiosyncratic habit evolved. The ones we buy at the grocery store are only one type called Cavendish. Thank you for sharing. You’re exactly right about it depending on the time of year, but the approximate range is 3-6 months from flower emergence to eating bananas. A: Yes, the plant I wrote about in that column certainly is part of a tangled web of common and scientific names. Ganesh. Epiphyllum oxypetalum, a spectacular white flower. There is a variety called “California Gold” that is probably OK for cooler areas. The outside rows, especially the western side, always look sad. After cutting off the hand, the remaining fruit is seeming to get a bit larger and plumper. Used to have some trees when I lived there. And there are folks who try to grow bananas in places like New Jersey and Connecticut. But of course there is no real night-blooming cereus, just several species of plants that have the same nickname. Hey! Bananas with brown or black spotted peels only indicate ripeness, while the fruit itself remains unchanged. So overall, banana plants in Southern California look their worst exactly now, early February. Thanks again. Well, cry no more. Store at room temperature. You may be surprised to learn that there are oodles of different kinds of bananas out there. Store at room temperature. Bring them inside if a frost is predicted. Bananas can be grown well and easily throughout most of Southern California between the mountains and the ocean, specifically Sunset Zones 24 down to 21 (find your Sunset zone here). How to Grow Ornamental Bananas. The Botanical Garden is a showcase of plants from similar summer-dry (sometimes called mediterranean) climates but because it is so temperate, many plants from many parts of the world thrive. This year looks like very small crop. This video is about planting bananas in Arizona. Thanks for your reply Greg. When it’s warmer. Do I also need to cut all the leaves off? Now, the fruit is 3 – 4″ long, unchanged from the winter and some of them are starting to turn yellow on the stalk. Bananas are native to Southeast Asia, so growing them in northern climates is a challenge. My thinking is that if there are no leaves on the stalk, the fruit isn’t going to mature properly, what say you? The photo is from tropical plant specialists Logee's Tropical Plants (, which sells the plant. A friend does something similar by occasionally digging a hole near his bananas and filling it with food scraps, covering it again with mulch. Oceanside is a deceptive area. Think of the areas that the marine layer consistently rolls over each summer night. I just came across Peniocereus greggii, also known as night-blooming cereus. I’ve always just given my bananas compost, but as I mentioned in the post above, a friend who grows bananas very well fertilizes his with ClassiCote 15-8-23. In warm climates like those found in the southern US and many Mediterranean countries, growing bananas is a popular pastime for gardening enthusiasts. That’s curious. People also grow bananas in other warm, non-tropical areas like California, Louisiana, Arizona, Texas. How long is it for you / in your climate does it take to go from when you see the flowers to when you harvest? Growing banana trees, like growing sugarcane, is normally a task left to those in the tropics.But at HomeFixated, we’re not really about being normal. 2015 Date of first flower opening: Aug. 2017 (2 years from planting) Mature bunch to the left, bunch that flowered perhaps 2 months ago to the right: In just 2 days, our bananas had 20-40 of those huge beetles eating them!! Do you know any place where we can buy pups, I assume during this time they might be available. Here I’ve learned to put my bananas near a south-facing wall for the best frost protection. As you suggested, now my bananas are growing well and looks more green. Thank you for your suggestions, I was able to get three varieties of banana from Walter Andersen, Poway, and they are all happily growing now. However, I’m still curious on the range you’ve seen and a rough average. Bluefield bananas in Hawaii are Gros Michel. If you wait, don’t bother putting them in bigger pots. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
, I’m now in the foothills, Sunset Zone 20, where we get at least a touch of frost every winter. We cut the damage off, and now it's 15 feet tall and beautiful. But I also don’t know anyone who uses them around here and all of their bananas mature and ripen fine although the peels sometimes get a little scratched up. The bananas are bigger than the ones in Safeway and I remember them tasting a lot less chalky and sweeter. Your fruit tree is grafted — Why? Also, if we get a stretch of cold nights, the leaves may brown a bit. The annual few days to a week of freezing winter weather did do some damage, but the tree looked good in summer. Your email address will not be published. You can grow up to 6 cannabis plants in your home or in a locked and enclosed yard. Greg, So after waiting two years for my tree to fruit will I have to wait two more years for the pups that it produces to produce or will they fruit at different times? A longtime member of the San Francisco professional food community as a chef and trainer for All-Clad Metalcrafters, Shaddix recently bought a house in Bayview, and wants to show residents of the community how they can take advantage of the market's offerings to start their own small food businesses. I just planted 3 here on a hillside in Whittier on June 13th and they are doing spectacular. The transplanted sucker may lose a couple leaves in its first weeks in the new spot, but that’s no big deal. I have given up trying to figure it out. How can we protect this large plant from the cold? Lives in Norwalk. Sites that protect against both wind and cold include a walled entry, a courtyard or an atrium. Learn more about growing bananas in Southern California: -Watch a talk called “Let’s Grow Bananas” given by Carol Graham, Master Gardener and member of the California Rare Fruit Growers; Carol has decades of experience growing bananas in north San Diego County, -Look through a slideshow called “Banana Basics” made by Jon Verdick, also located in San Diego County, and also a member of the California Rare Fruit Growers; see the handout that accompanies the slideshow here, Great post! Fertilizer - Bananas are heavy feeders, so fertilizing will help the plant to stay healthy, particularly when grown in a container.
I used to live near the, I’m now in the foothills, Sunset Zone 20, where we get at least a touch of frost every winter. The trunk of the banana tree is a pseudostem grown from … we are getting our first pod of bananas and are trying to find protection bags. If you want to try growing bananas, you’ll need a large container in which to plant them. Like I mentioned in the post above, almost all of mine have come from friends or neighbors and they weren’t always aware of the variety they were giving me. So, the banana tree started to grow. Absolutely! And in fact, a friend who lives near me in the hot and dry foothills of San Diego County is producing these wonderful bananas: I’ve seen good banana bunches on plants farther north too. When I first tried growing bananas in my Rhode Island greenhouse, I kept the greenhouse warm all winter, knowing that bananas prefer temperatures over 77 o F (26 o C) year round. Southern California food gardening calendar for 2021, San Diego Zoo where, incidentally, many bananas are also grown, talk called “Let’s Grow Bananas” given by Carol Graham, slideshow called “Banana Basics” made by Jon Verdick, handout that accompanies the slideshow here. We have had 4-5 days in a row 100 plus. Vegetable gardening in San Francisco, California requires cool planning. Many herbs do well in San Francisco’s foggy, … Of course I ate 1 a day. Do you have any suggestions on any fertilizer. I transplanted all of them from pot to soil. Gladly though, this mother plant has pups coming from the rhizome to take its place. Charles Anacker. If you love bananas, you'll be ecstatic to learn that you can grow banana trees yourself. You may like them more or less, but they won’t be just like the ones from the store: maybe smaller, maybe not as sweet, maybe firmer, maybe fatter, maybe with bigger seeds, maybe harder to peel, maybe with whiter flesh. A friend grows Raja Puri and they seem to do well for him. That’s probably fairly close to you too. Once it warms up and the plant starts growing, then water and consider fertilizing it. And so also bananas become ready to eat whenever they feel like it. I just bought 4 little blue java pups. They are on ya foot tall. Not at all. You can fruit a banana plant in a large planter, yes. If it seems likely, you can build a prop to support the stalk. I'm interested in growing papaya, banana, guava, and pineapple. Even though I’ve grown many banana plants, I’ve only bought one. While many people in subtropical climates tend to grow these trees outside in their yard, banana trees can actually thrive in a pot or container inside of your house. Watch a most fascinating spectacle. Epiphyllums are all best grown in part shade, with something overhead to protect them from cold, such as a spreading tree or lath (parallel 1-inch boards with 1-inch openings between them, running north-south). You need only to attempt to slice a chunk of rhizome along with the base of the sucker, as well as some roots if possible. Bananas are not growing during the winter, and are very drought tolerant during this time. Rest in pot. Do you know where we can buy them here in san diego. Bananas do not come from trees but rather plants that bear a resemblance to trees. Then it takes some more — frustratingly slow — months for the bananas to grow fat and ripen on the flower stalk. Other gardeners will have a different result depending upon the microclimate, variety chosen and willingness to … It’s a keeper. Soil - rich and moist. But lucky neighbor has a plant. from you in the next few weeks – or from anyone else local who is reading this. These bananas are growing in my aunt’s yard in Encinitas, started from a pup given to her by my uncle who lives in Covina. Where do I go to buy them? We stuck a food stake in the ground by the roots and let this year’s bananas ripen on the plant to see if they would taste sweeter. Another complication is that a number of plants once in the genus cereus have been reclassified into other genera, including hylocereus, nyctocereus and selenicereus, and some of these also are still known as night-blooming cereus, even though they are no longer in the genus cereus. The growing season is March to November with summer temperatures averaging 75 degrees. Just water a lot. ), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). I'm growing 5 plants outdoors in my back yard in San Francisco. Gave to my neighbor who returned donated to her church. Just check the soil in the pot with your fingers and make sure it never totally dries out. Among the first words out of my two year-old son’s mouth every morning are, “Can I have a banana?” He’ll eat five a day if allowed. The good is that your original banana plant is always multiplying itself. The pups under your new plant will start showing up later this summer. Her Q&A column, "Golden Gate Gardener," appears in the San Francisco Chronicle, and her website,, links to the columns online as well as to her blog. Eric George Grows Bananas in W. Sacramento. Nevertheless, bananas can be grown to decent production even in many parts of the valleys and foothills. I think this will just be a wait and see thing. They can be dug and left in the garage for 3 months, watering only once per month. A long thick stalk with a purple spearhead at the end thrusts out from the top of the trunk (technically called a pseudostem) and then groups (usually called “hands”) of bananas form along the stalk. The growing season is March to November with summer temperatures averaging 75 degrees. People usually call the group of banana plants emerging from a common rhizome a “mat,” but some call it a clump, and I sometimes think of it as a family. Banana plants aren’t individuals like, say, tomato plants. Like most bananas and related ornamentals, this plant is sensitive to frost. My plants are small right now and hidden by a tree. Might as well wait. Even though it’s considered Sunset zone 24, there are parts that get surprisingly chilly in the winter such as near the harbor or inland up the San Luis Rey river a bit. Avocado trees get sunburned — what to do? We stayed out of the backyard until someone could remove the bees. That rhizome continually sprouts up new banana plants. She taught horticulture at City College of San Francisco for 30 years, and continues to lecture and teach independently. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. So what do you do when your banana plant flowers? Pam also helped to found the San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners, or SLUG, an organization to support community and home gardeners, and served on its board from 1983 to 1999. Give a banana ample water when the air is warm and it will unfurl new leaves before your very eyes. Like you said, just add water. This is for two reasons: they look better (leaves get tattered in wind), and the wind draws moisture out of the leaves. Probably, your plant doesn’t appear to be growing well right now just because of the time of year. Surprisingly, this is the one fruit (Aside from Citrus) that the critters have left alone. I live in North Poway, trying to grow bananas. They should be able to get many varieties for you. Bananas with brown or black spotted peels only indicate ripeness, while the fruit itself remains unchanged. Q:We purchased a red-leaf banana plant as an anniversary gift to each other two years ago. Banana palm leaves blow in the breeze like elephant ears, creating a tropical, lazy look for gardeners in U.S. Department of … Got a couple years now of about 10 banana pods up here on the hillside in Whittier, haven’t had any disturbances on any of the pods. On the west side of a building or wall, sun would hit later in the day, allowing the plant to thaw more gradually, but if such a site were exposed to the prevailing western winds, it wouldn't be such a good idea. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area right by the coast, although we still get our hot and sunny days, the majority of the time it's foggy and cold. This plucky tree was eventually knocked over by a storm, and had to be removed because it was too big to set upright. After three or four seasons and a lot of money spent on heating, I harvested some not-very … Neither are banana plants trees like, say, orange trees. Common Names:Banana, Bananier Nain, Canbur, Curro, Plantain Origin:Edible bananas originated in the Indo-Malaysian region reaching to northern Australia. I had about 5 pups growing. I am unable to bring it inside, but I was wondering how often I need to water it in the winter and if I need to insulate it for the winter? The other thing bananas appreciate is fertile soil. Your email address will not be published. Its third edition, released in spring of 2010, includes much new material, including new planting calendars that carry its usefulness much farther inland than previous editions. Much flowering and fruit ripening happens spring through fall around here, but that’s only because banana plants in Southern California are very active in the spring through fall. One is a two-bedroom two-bath house priced at just under a million. The delectable fruit comes courtesy of new farmer Andy Sheaffer of Vista Punta Gorda ranch in Ventura County. Bananas are fast growing plants that burn through food quickly. But being out of the wind is certainly not necessary for fruit production. I live in Los Angeles and I have a dwarf namwa growing in a 20 gallon pot. So I’ve decided to focus on growing more bananas to feed the beast that is my younger son. Here is a comprehensive guide to current San Francisco weed laws. Doesn’t seems to hurt plant. While I don't pretend to know all about the classification of the tropical cacti to which it is related, the one fact I'm sure of is that the big white flower in the photo was Epiphyllum oxypetalum. I’ve always tried to limit my banana families to a mother, who is fruiting, and only two or three children. If you want, you can cut off dead, brown leaves anytime. Bananas are an “over the fence” type of plant, as they say. . He has a friend growing it in Pinole. Banana plants are more like giant stalks of grass that grow out of a bulb-like base called a rhizome. Some months later I dug one of the plants out and found that it had far more roots on the side facing the pit, where it could feed on the compost. Once your original plant is tall and ready to send out a flower stalk, the largest pup will already be at least half as tall. Harvest dates are for my garden in El Sobrante. Bananas are not growing during the winter, and are very drought tolerant during this time. Try any of these fertilizing practices, but don’t feel the need until your plant starts growing again when the weather warms. So if you can put the pot close to the house on extra cold nights that would help. The banana plants grow about 18 feet tall so they're not a house plant. The south side of a wall or building will get the most warming sun, and if there is an overhang, this will block falling cold air. To add to this question, would late June be OK? Nevertheless, bananas can be grown to decent production even in many parts of the valleys and foothills. And he’s not just growing your typical bananas. discussion from the Chowhound Markets, San Francisco food community. How to Prune a Banana Palm Tree. Even if it gets some leaf damage, new leaves will grow rapidly once it warms in late winter. I’ve grown bananas within this ideal band. Some say that covering the bunch with a plastic bag speeds this up, but I’ve never tried it so I can’t comment. In the catalog, the caption says the flower is the size of a basketball. The bad is that you may need to control the spread of the banana mat according to the space you have. But I’ve also seen how much faster bananas grow in fertile soil, and how much bigger bunches they produce in such conditions. Here in Southern California? Can you please suggest where I can buy more plants. Are there any tropical fruits that can be grown here? That’s a good question. According to Sunset Garden Climate Zones, this coastal region is marked by cool and foggy weather. I loved being part of it! They are dry with almost no meat. What does it matter how bananas grow? If more are allowed to grow, it’s said that they won’t fruit quite as well. A few years ago I decided buying bananas at the store was over-rated and embarked on a virtual and real-world journey to learn whatever I could about how to grow bananas. So you’ll end up getting a bunch of bananas from the mat approximately once a year. Once ripe, the Manzano may be refrigerated for a few days. I do the majority of my grocery shopping (~80%) at the farmers market, and as you might expect bananas aren’t common in San Francisco. I’m near you, just up the hill in Ramona. My Mexicola last year over 500 plus. Thank you so much for your reply. Observe the leaves and make sure they never wilt from thirst. That said, much of the local fruit we eat comes from hotter areas to the east or south of the Bay Area. Yup! Later in the season I'm pretty sure my plants will be in full view of my neighbors deck. There is nothing tricky to transplanting a banana pup, also called a sucker. One more thing is that I’m skeptical about some banana plants being labelled correctly. Maybe you have something other than Raja Puri? Beware of rootstock suckers on citrus trees. We are concerned about its health this winter in the Oakland hills. San Francisco is a very mild, summer-dry, winter-wet climate, where it almost never freezes and gardens are growing 12 month of the year. Greg, One of these, Cereus peruviana forms a treelike plant that can reach 25 feet tall. The San Diego Zoo cultivates 24 types of banana plants on its 100-acre grounds. Once ripe, the Manzano may be refrigerated for a few days. If you like, I can try to get you some fruit sometime and if you like it, get a pup for you from that mat. Or should I just try another variety? The number of bananas that grow on this single stalk can be upwards of 50, and the weight of them can get so heavy that the plant topples over. I would first check Walter Andersen Nursery just off Scripps Poway Parkway near In-N-Out. Transplanted 2 of them. I have a rich neighbor with a deck that overlooks most of my yard. Here’s a producing mat of banana plants that caught my eye a couple weeks ago as I was visiting Carpinteria, in Santa Barbara County. A string of holiday lights or a couple of small spotlights under the shelter (with proper outdoor cords and outlets) can help keep the temperature a bit higher. Pam Peirce's classic regional book, "Golden Gate Gardening," has been helping California gardeners grow food since 1993. Like most bananas and related ornamentals, this plant is sensitive to frost. I am in SD and wondering if there’s any chance of over-the-fencing a few pups Now (May) is a fine time to plant a banana. And so what. Sadly, a banana plant that has fruited is a banana plant that has fulfilled its end in life and will begin to die. I live in Simi Valley, CA. I would like to try the apple one. This latter method can be more convenient with varietes that are tall and hard to reach. Considered a virtually perfect food, the banana is very low in sodium, high in potassium, and contains approximately 6 vitamins and 11 minerals. You should go to Walter Andersen’s there in Poway. That’s good and bad. Bananas don’t tend to use much water in the winter in Southern California, but the location of your plant might have slightly different requirements if it’s extra sheltered and warm and new leaves continue to unfurl through December and January. Species: Musa acuminata Colla, M. X paradisiacaL. If you are very ambitious, you could build a wooden frame and fasten burlap or clear plastic across the top (but not touching the plant) when frost is expected. Fruit Growing in the San Francisco Bay Area Idell Weydemeyer Fruit listed below will grow in some to many locations. Her book "Wildly Successful Plants: Northern California" provides basic instruction in ornamental gardening while profiling 50 heirloom plants that are easy in regional gardens. I cut off the highest hand about 10 days ago, they sort of turned yellow, I tasted them and they were soft but flavorless. San Francisco; Seattle; ... We Have No Bananas,” it is Big Mike he’s singing about. (Are you still with me?) Required fields are marked *. Can they really produce? Very little sign of Bees. But I like all that I have, and I THINK I have Ice Cream (also commonly called Blue Java), Goldfinger (also called FHIA-1), and Brazilian Apple (also called Apple, or Manzano). Whenever it feels like it. Any suggestions? You can grow delicious fruit trees in San Francisco. There is a variety called “California Gold” that is probably OK for cooler areas. I used to live near the San Diego Zoo where, incidentally, many bananas are also grown. Just wait. My habit is to chop the leaves in half just so the plant isn’t struggling to keep them alive, but I don’t really know if that’s the best way compared to doing nothing or cutting off all leaves. I haven’t started fertilizing, will watch for some more time and might try out more potash ones. I know this because I’ve done it and I’ve seen friends and neighbors do it. We’ve also been 100 the last couple days, and I’m always amazed at how well bananas handle such heat.

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