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Teach families how they can minimize their risks. About Medical and Nursing CV Examples, Templates and Formats. If you're looking for top nursing jobs, know that the need for your skills and expertise is high. Central Birmingham University – Nursing Degree 2003 – 2007 Aston College – HND 2001 – 2003 Coventry School; O levels Maths (A) English (B) Geography (B) Physics (A) REFERENCES. Nursing is a very noble profession and those who carry the title of RN must understand that they can influence change in the world by choosing to practice ... Kathleen Dracup, DNSc, RN, and Christopher W. Bryan-Brown, MD, discuss specific examples that clearly illustrate how Benner’s model works. Sub-Acute Nursing – This nursing specialty would require treating patients in need of 24 hour supervision in hospitals or long term care facilities. This type of NP works specifically in family practice. Two weeks ago, I introduced the topic of evidence-based practice (EBP) and defined it as the integration of best evidence, clinical expertise, and patient preferences for clinical decision-making. Camp Nursing – If you are looking for a change from a normal nursing routine, you should consider working as a nurse at a camp or a retreat. As with any higher education or specialty training, candidates will have to pass a series of exams and fulfill a period of on-the-job training. Due to the vast range of specialisms and complex skills in the nursing profession, each nurse will have specific strengths, passions, and expertise. They work in one of the most diverse collections of environments in nursing. A nursing supervisor has more responsibility than a charge- nurse. Examples of a Registered Nurse Resume Summary Statement. The bad example of the certified nursing assistant resume objective is devoid of all these. The most effective way to do this is to incorporate a section of your resume dedicated to nursing expertise and key skills. Developmental Disability Nursing – Work with patients who have mental and physical disabilities. When writing your summary statement, consult the following examples to give yourself an idea of what to include: Patient-focused and well-organized registered nurse. This can be a useful resource for most people seeking nursing positions.A career objective is used to clearly document the job target. Clinical Self Evaluation Nursing Students Examples for Your Reference. Parish Nursing – This is a practice specialty that focuses on the intentional care of the spirit, and prevention and minimization of illness within the context of a community of faith. Research on factors that contribute to expertise has focused largely on individual nurse characteristics to the exclusion of contextual factors. Outline the concept of professional accountability as it pertains to nursing. To begin, let’s take a look at two different nurse cover letters examples: 1. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. Submitting your formal nursing resignation letter After informing your employer, it’s time to compose a formal letter for the Human Resources Department. Our samples are written to the highest professional standards and optimized for you edit, customize, save, and download for free. They are essential during operations, assisting the surgical team and functioning as circulating or scrub nurses. This model is proposed as a method for determining the expert practitioners and developing more expertise in practitioners. Sample Nursing Resume Summary. Provided nursing assistance to residents in a 120-bed long-term-care facility. When writing your resume, be sure to reference the job description and highlight any skills, awards and certifications that match with the requirements. Joseph Garcia, BSN, RN31 Main Street, Apt 4RRiverview, NY,  Experienced clinical nurse dedicated to providing compassionate, patient-centered care as part of an interdisciplinary medicine team. Director Of Nursing Resume. They monitor patients, manage their tubing, maintain arterial catheters, and stay aware of potential complications. Government facilities accounted for 9 percent of the total employment figures for nursing and medical managers, and home health services grabbed a 6 percent share. Telephone Triage Nursing – These nurses are trained to ask patients specific questions in order to asses the situation, and refer them to the proper healthcare provider rather than a clinic or emergency room. Their work often includes raising awareness and money for medical supplies, clean water, schools and medical facilities. Nurses who are not in good condition themselves are liable to develop health problems of their own, requiring care, rather than giving it. Expert Practice Affiliation: Part The primary and most direct role of a CNS is nursing care and improving the patients’ health outcomes. Identifies ethical issues in practice and takes appropriate action. The also care for patients after transplantation, and monitor post operative care for complications. Nursing Advocacy – They help patients understand their diagnosis and make the best decisions about their health. GHI HOSPITAL, Sometown, CT Certified Nursing Assistant, 2009 to 2010 School Nursing – This job would be to help students who get sick during school hours. is an advertising-supported site. Medical-Surgical Nursing – These nurses assist patients who are schedule for surgery, or who’ve recently come out of surgery (but not during surgery). Rheumatology Nursing – You would help people with rheumatic diseases like lupus, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis. These babies are born needing immediate medical attention. Nursing Quality Improvement – The nurses in this field focus on improving the quality of hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other medical care facilities. Nurses must have excellent communication skills because so much of what they do involves transmitting information, from instructing and educating patients to briefing doctors and other nurses on changes in a patient’s status. You would administer basic medical aid. Complementary Health Nursing – This type of nurse uses complementary or alternative therapies to common acute and chronic illnesses. Advanced Practice Registered Nursing – Advanced care nurse specialists with a Master of Science in Nursing, including the fields of nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists, and nurse midwives. Business in Nursing – You can earn a business in nursing degree, which will provide you with the understanding of the business and entrepreneurial side of health care and nursing. Frequently praised by management as unit leader for nursing judgment and teamwork and patients and families for empathy and compassion. But that’s not relevant. Resume World presents a rush, 24 hour turnaround … October 16, 2020 6 Mins Read. Self-evaluation and assessment has been part of nursing. Oncology Nursing (Cancer Nursing) – They provides care for cancer patients. Managed Care Nursing – As a Managed Care Nurse, you will often work with elderly and poor individuals who rely on programs like Medicare or Medicaid. You will most often work in a dermatologist’s office. Examples of professional expertise in a sentence, how to use it. May 8, 2019 | By Samuel Johns | Reviewed by Mark Slack, CPRW. You may work in outpatient centers, rehab centers, hospitals and doctors’ offices. Community Health Nursing – This is a nurse who works specifically for the benefit of community and the overall public health. Reproductive Nursing – They counsel and treat families, couples, and individuals for fertility, conception, and other areas of reproduction. 40 instance expertise included. manage acute and chronic medical conditions, The Top Direct-Entry Master’s in Nursing Programs 2020, Best Online Nursing Schools and Programs 2020, © 2020, a Red Ventures Company. Important Skills for Dental Assistant Jobs, Registered Nurse (RN) Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More. Help them to stay healthy, manage their treatments and manage pain. Frequent RN preceptor, mentoring new hires, including recent grads. On the other hand, the Skills and Endorsements example below lists close to 50, which would be far too many for a résumé. Having a combination of these hard and soft skills will set you up to be a successful nurse or nurse practitioner, and the closer a match your credentials are to what the employer is looking for, the better your chances of getting hired. For one, you should consider the pages as legal documents and as such, they carry some degree of significance. A study pub… Wound & Ostomy Nursing – These nurses cares for patients with wounds caused by medical treatments, diseases, or injuries. Nurse Life Care Planning – These nurses help patients who have suffered catastrophic injuries and illnesses, advocate for them, and plan out their care. HIV/AIDS Nursing – Dedicate your career to working with patients who have HIV and AIDS. Professionalism is a nursing skill encompassing many areas: respect, attitude, integrity, responsibility, and discipline to name a few. Surgical Nursing – You would work in a surgical environment such as an OR, providing care to surgical patients before, during, and after surgery. Discussions can be complicated by the fact that many patients know little about medicine, so health information must be translated into less technical terms. You are hired on an ‘as-needed’ basis, and therefore do not  receive health benefits, or paid vacation. 2013. Healthcare involves solving puzzles. Home Health Care Nursing – Provide essential nursing care to people in their homes who are seriously ill with acute and chronic conditions. Based on our collection of example resumes, those seeking to work as nurses should be able to display at least an Associate's or Bachelor's Degree in nursing in their resumes and in some … Cardiac Cath Lab Nursing – Cardiovascular patients need to have catheterizations into the heart for treatment, and you can specialize your nursing career with these acutely ill patients. Share your skills in your interview: Make sure you have at least one example of a time you demonstrated each of the top five skills listed here. Focus on your daily work as part of a collaborative whole, and remember that your day-to-day role and responsibilities are only part of the larger picture of patient care. Some can be abusive or ungrateful. Below you will find a resume Example for health care professional with job experience in Acute Care Nursing. Summary In a few sentences, sum up your top skills and expertise that make you a fit for the job, such as your ability to work in various healthcare settings, or the professional training you’ve received as a medical professional.Also include some soft skills such as patience, empathy or a patient-friendly approach. Legal Nurse Consultant – A registered nurse who uses expertise as a health care provider and has specialized training to consult on medical-related legal cases. BluePipes This article highlights the 10 top details to include on a nursing resume. As of 2015, close to 37 percent of nurse managers worked in hospitals and 10 percent each in physicians’ offices and nursing care facilities. These latest CV templates are bringing job searching to a new level and easily keeping job candidates up-to-date with self marketing techniques. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner – They do many of the same things a psychiatrist does, including diagnosing mental illness and prescribing medication. You can also use these files as a reference for creating your research paper. Nurses can only acquire expertise when they “test and refine both theoretical and practical knowledge in actual clinical situations” (McHugh & Lake, 2010, p. 276). LPN Resume Objective. American Nurses Association (ANA) This ANA page sheds light on the anatomy of an excellent nursing resume. Expertise in compassionate patient care and delivering nursing services while maintaining the code of ethics. Phew! If you’ve completed any on-the-job courses related to your field of expertise, add them like this: CNA Resume—Example Courses . Nursing is a team-oriented profession, so your resume should emphasize your leadership skills by citing relevant experience. Family Nurse Practitioner – A registered nurse who works under the supervision of a physician. Clinical Self Evaluation Nursing Students Examples for Your Reference. Provide examples of how a nurse demonstrates professional accountability in clinical expertise, the nursing … Ambulatory care nursing Pulmonary Care Nursing (Respiratory Nursing) – These nurses work with patients with breathing problems. Nursing Assistants support nursing staff in hospitals, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation clinics, and doctor's offices by providing basic care to patients. This idea would become the “Knowing How, Knowing That” component of this … Best Job Interview Answers: What Made You Choose Nursing? Nurse Midwife – These are advanced practice registered nurses who provide counseling and care during pre-conception, pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. > Download Nurses CV Templates < A New Universal CV Format is now working for most people. are essential to ensure a qualified, quality compliment of … However, nursing has a unifying ethos: In assessing a patient, nurses do not just consider test results. Nursing leadership and management are healthcare fields that require a high level of knowledge and expertise. Nurse Practitioner – Nurse practitioners manage acute and chronic medical conditions through comprehensive history taking, physical exam, and the ordering of diagnostic tests and treatments. International Nursing – Some nurses choose to go abroad and traveling the world taking care of patients in other countries, or aiding underserved nations where experienced professional nurses are not available. Infusion Nursing – Infusion Nurses give patients medication and fluids via injection. Pediatric Endocrinology Nursing – This is a medical subspecialty dealing with physical growth development in childhood, diabetes and other endocrine disorders. Perinatal Nursing – They teach mothers-to-be about prenatal health, and what they’ll experience while carrying a baby. Infection control nurses are usually the ones responsible for notifying the closest branch of the Centers for Disease Control. Want to become a nurse practitioner but don't have a bachelor's degree? This is supported by the mind, in the form of rigorous core learning. The average sample resume lists qualifications such as nursing expertise, bedside manner, organization, communication and interpersonal abilities, and medical teamwork. Bariatric nurses are involved in the treatment of obesity. Physical strength and endurance are very important. Gynecology/Obstetric Nursing – A specialty of nursing that works only with female patients and reproductive health. Gerontological Nurse Practitioner – A type of nurse practitioner who works under the supervision of a doctor, on elderly patients with acute and chronic illnesses. Nursing Executive and Nursing CEO – In this job, you have the opportunity to shape health care policies at your organization or facility, and help your nursing staff provide the best patient care possible. Triage Nursing – These nurses sort patients into groups based on their need for medical attention. Genetics Nursing – You will treat many types of genetically inherited diseases, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Professionalism also extends to a nurse’s ability to communicate clearly and self-reflect on behaviors and actions, always striving for both professional and personal development. Nurses pursuing their doctor of nursing practice (DNP) degrees attain the highest level of education in the profession. Some duties include monitoring neurological exams. VHA Office of Nursing Services EBP Curriculum 6/3/2019 Section 3: Clinical Expertise Component Overview For this module, the strategies related to determining clinical expertise are reviewed. 1. Missionary Nursing – You would provide physical and spiritual care to people in other countries that need health care. Certified Nursing Assistant, 2010 to 2012. First, meet Edward. Nurse Educators ensure medical instruction at a postsecondary level and train aspiring nurses. If you’re considering additional training, choosing the right nursing specialty becomes your chief focus. The … But you have to make sure that you do not leave any stone unturned and work your ways of getting what you want. Nursing Entrepreneur – They  use their nursing education and business background to start ventures within the healthcare industry. You can also add them to your resume summary if you have one. Expertise in compassionate patient care and delivering nursing services while maintaining the … Ethics in Nursing – This is a branch of ethics that shares many things in common with various aspects of medical ethics, where ethical issues of patient care are debated and resolved. Registered Nurse, 2014 to 2017Community Hospital – Riverview, NYIn a community hospital setting, used the nursing process and critical thinking skills to deliver optimal patient care. It is based on the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition, developed by educationalists Stuart and Hubert Dreyfus, which examined the skills-learning proce… 270,000+ nurses and nursing students use courses, cheat sheets, and practice questions for NCLEX® prep and nursing school. Before applying for the job, make sure your Certified Nursing Assistant resume is in good health! Some NPs in some states can practice independently. Nursing note samples contain pages with lines and a title that says, “Progress Notes” or “Nursing Notes.” But there is a lot more to these notes. Telemetry Nursing – They monitor patient’s vital signs with an electrocardiogram or other life sign-measuring device, and generally provide care to patients with heart failure, and other acute diagnoses. To the Public/Clients: Nursing is a profession that is responsible to patients and also to public. Nursing expertise is imperative because of its influences on clinical judgments, patient quality of care and potential outcomes. Although this quality and others are similar between nursing leadership and nursing management, these two roles differ in several aspects. Diabetes Nursing – This type of nurse works with ill patients with diabetes. These nurses also monitor physical conditions, prescribe medication, and administer chemotherapy and other treatments. To begin, let’s take a look at two different nurse cover letters examples: 1. Summary In a few sentences, sum up your top skills and expertise that make you a fit for the job, such as your ability to work in various healthcare settings, or the professional training you’ve received as a medical professional.Also include some soft skills such as patience, empathy or a patient-friendly approach. Review an example of a resume highlighting the candidate's nursing skills, and read below for a list of five of the most important nursing skills, as well as a longer list of other skills employers seek when hiring nurses and nurse practitioners. Clinical Nurse Specialist – An advanced practice nurse who works in a specific type of nursing, such as a certain population, illness, or type of care. Our rankings highlight the top programs. Rehabilitation Nursing – You would work with patients with long-term physical disabilities, or chronic illnesses, ultimately helping the patient achieve as independent a lifestyle as possible. Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing – You care for premature and critically ill newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of a hospital. … Pain Management Nursing – Pain Management Nurses assess the source of pain, and work with other nurses and doctors to coordinate treatment. Achieving Expertise. Doctor Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More, Important Waiter / Waitress Skills for Resumes, Why Do You Want to Work Here? Objective : Dedicated to serving people with ten years of customer service leadership experience while working in a fast pace setting for a commercial airline that required numerous capabilities to maintain a calm and pleasant attitude in a multi-tasking environment have helped me develop skills needed to be a compassionate and competent nurse. Specialized practice in cardiovascular surgery, post-operative recovery, and intensive care. Specifically, employers want to see examples of your ability to lead a team.. On your resume, describe situations in which you displayed strong … Ambulatory Care Nursing – Centered on the fast and focused assessment of critical patients; nurse, family and patient relationships, and translating nursing care into manageable activities for caregivers. This role is direct because that is what they were taught in school and have achieved expertise in that area and hence can be said to be competent. AREAS OF EXPERTISE. A …show more content… 309). Download the resume template (available in Google Docs and Word Online) and see the example below. One of the best things about becoming a nurse is that, in the majority of locations, your skills and services are always going to be in demand.. That doesn’t mean you can just pick up your degree and walk into a job, though. Health Policy Nursing – You will analyze public and health policy so you can help to shape new nursing policy that helps patients of all ages. Duties would include monitoring blood work, and managing medication. If you want to go beyond your basic RN or LPN roles, there are many nursing specialties to choose from. Below is a nursing resume example for a Chief Nursing Officer, who’s also a Registered Nurse and has a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN). They can work in ER’s, on battlefields and in situations of  disaster. Faculty Nursing Resume Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to help you get an interview. Dr. Benner’s Stages of Clinical Competence 3. Below is one example of a summary: Summary. When writing your summary statement, consult the following examples to give yourself an idea of what to include: Patient-focused and well-organized registered nurse. Nurses also have to listen carefully to patients and families to collect important information. The level of responsibility and accountability depends on professional levels. These nurses treat illnesses and diseases while sharing religion. 19 examples: In addition, the roles provide the needed degree of clinical expertise. - The… First, meet Edward. This document includes the following: The time and date; The name of the patient This process of development would become the foundation for the Novice to Expert Nursing Theory. Geriatric Nursing – A type of nurse who works with the elderly, who often have a variety of serious acute and chronic illnesses. Last week, I talked about the concept of “best evidence” and how nurses apply best evidence in practice. Nephrology Nursing – Nephrology Nurses help patients with kidney disease or abnormal kidney function. Nursing Personal Statement Examples Will Help You Gain All the Information There are many things that can stop you from getting a seat in the college you desire. Writing a great Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) resume is an important step in your job search journey. We’ve included an explanation of some key elements that make this a great resume, and explain how you can use this nursing resume sample to help you write your own resume. Review an example of a resume highlighting the candidate's nursing skills, and read below for a list of five of the most important nursing skills, as well as a longer list of other skills employers seek when hiring nurses and nurse practitioners. Inexperienced Key offers profession counseling and the proper place in your talent set. That is leadership is defined in terms of an interactive process where followers are motivated and empowered to accomplish specific goals. Headline : Director of Nursing at a large Community Healthcare Network in New York City with extensive progressive management and leadership experience: overseeing staff, responsible for formulation and execution of a nursing and laboratory budget over 10 million, developing and implementing workforce re-design, designing and implementation of nursing … Examples of clinical expertise in a sentence, how to use it. Current certifications include: CMSRN, ACLS, AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider (CPR & AED). Long-Term Care Nursing – These nurses  care for patients who have a disability or illness and are in need of extended care. Additional Resume Resources for RNs Registered Nurse Resume Links. Those looking to become Clinical Nurse Managers should be registered nurses and mention a nursing degree in their resumes. Extensive experience and thorough understanding of pathophysiology and pharmacology of … Nursing Action Case Study Example… This is supported by the mind, in the form of rigorous core learning. CNA Resume Summary—Example . Perianesthesia Nursing (Recovery Room Nursing) – This is a nursing specialty practice area concerned with providing nursing care to patients undergoing or recovering from anesthesia. Transplant Nursing – They help patients who donate or receive organs. Accurately Documenting Patient Condition and Treatment Plans, Applying Current Research to Medical Practice, Consulting with Other Health Team Members, Maintaining Confidentiality and Protecting Sensitive Data, Ordering Physical Therapy and Other Treatments. Occupational Health Nurse – Using their specialized experience and education, these registered nurses recognize and prevent health effects from hazardous exposures and treat workers’ injuries/illnesses. You also will care for pregnant women and keep them in good health for delivery. No problem. You will work closely with the legal system in collecting forensic evidence in these cases. The nursing literature, until recently presents the phenomenon of leadership as associated with nurse executives and formal leadership roles. Nurses often have to move heavy equipment and even patients, and they work very long hours. Small, subtle changes, such as a strange odor to the breath or a detail of a patient’s lifestyle shared in casual conversation, could be very important diagnostic signs. Benner believed that nurses gained knowledge and skills, lending to their personal expertise, even if they didn’t realize that this process was happening. Flight/Transport Nursing – Provide essential emergency medical services to patients who are in remote locations and are not accessible by roads. Provide examples of how a nurse demonstrates professional accountability in clinical expertise, the nursing process, and evidence-based practice. Otorhinolaryngology Nursing (Head and Neck Nursing) – This involves caring for patients with chronic illness, disease, or small disorders related to the head. Learn to write a BSN Nursing resume using these BSN Nursing resume samples for entry-level, intermediate, experienced and career change professionals and resume writing guide. A well-written sample resume should emphasize nursing expertise, bedside manner, observation spirit, and strong interpersonal skills. Interview Answers for Nurses, Nurse Practitioner Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More, Examples of the Best Skills to Put on Your Resume, Job Outlook and Requirements of Degrees for High-Paying Careers, Important Personal Skills That Employers Value. Objectives Identify the key strategies to implementation of evidence-based practice. Nursing expertise and clinical wisdom are influenced by individual-level factors such as nurse’s years of experience and level of education (McHugh & Lake, 2010), as well as contextual factors such as the educational and experience levels of coworkers, motivation and engagement, and the nursing practice environment (Uhrenfeldt & … Nursing Assistant Resume Examples. Trauma Nursing – Trauma nurses generally work in Emergency Rooms, or other chaotic environment and provide care for urgent situations. The nursing profession operates … This model has been applied to several disciplines beyond clinical nursing, and understanding the five stages of clinical competence helps nurses support one another and appreciate that expertise in any field is a process learned over time. VHA Office of Nursing Services EBP Curriculum 6/3/2019 Section 3: Clinical Expertise Component Overview For this module, the strategies related to determining clinical expertise are reviewed. Infection Control Nursing – Theses nurses help prevent patient infections in hospitals and clinics. Requires a Master of Science in Nursing. They work directly with surgeons in the operating room where procedures take place. Bariatrics Nurse – (Super new!) Below, we’ll show you a CNA resume example to inspire you and help understand what you can put in the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities sections. Critical Care Nursing – Nurses who focus their work on the most critically and acutely ill patients. Dermatology Nursing – A specialty of nursing where you work only with people who have various ailments and disorders of the skin. Vocational/Licensed Practical Nurse – These nurses provide routine patient care under the direction of a Registered Nurse or Physician. After around 5-10 years of working as a nurse, it’s likely that … Nurses have to notice these details and recognize them as important. Nursing Resume Objective: Examples & How to Write. And there are many options to choose from. Whether you’re an LPN, RN, or hold another nursing certification entirely, having an effective objective for your nursing resume is a vital sign to hiring managers that you can do the job well. DNP degree-holders become nurse practitioners (NPs), healthcare administrators, nurse educators, and researchers. Toxicology Nursing – You would care for and treat people that have swallowed poisons, have been bitten by snakes or stung by bees. Your assignments could take you all over the globe. Gastroenterology Nursing – This nursing specialty works in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the entire digestive system. The ability to be kind and considerate to someone who is misbehaving, even in the face of one’s discomfort and exhaustion, is critical in nursing. Alison Doyle is the job search expert for The Balance Careers, and one of the industry's most highly-regarded job search and career experts. Highlight your skills in your cover letter: In the body of your letter, mention one or two of these skills, and give a specific example of a time when you demonstrated each of those skills at work. Review an example of a resume for a nursing position, then review a list of skills to include on your own resume. Nurses also need some soft skills. A complete clarification of learn how to embrace nice expertise in your resume. LEVEL CRITERIA EXAMPLES OUTCOMES Nurse I, Level 3 Demonstrates proficiency using the nursing process in providing care for clients with complex nursing care needs. Registered Nurse. Edward’s got a love for psychological thrillers, rock climbing, and experimenting in the kitchen (to his roommate’s dismay). Communicating compassion, respect, and confidence to patients and families who may be frightened or angry are critical. They have to be patient and empathetic towards both patients and patients’ families. Nurses have obligation to show skill and experience based on what they done. Expertise in areas as research/scholarship, theory, health care policy, project development, leadership, health care administration, etc. Cardiac Care Nursing – Work specifically with patients who have cardiovascular conditions, such as heart attack and cardiac arrest patients. What Will You Do After Completing Your Nursing Degree? Available on request. How to Format a Professional Nursing Resume. Bachelor of Science, NursingSouthern New York School of Nursing, 2014, Current Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN), ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), BLS (Basic Life Support), and CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) certifications. Pediatric Nurse – These nurses specialize in pediatrics and devote their knowledge and skills to caring for children from infancy through the late teen years. They need to have strong communication skills to relay information to patients and their families, and also to work effectively with doctors and other nurses. Social Significance Finally, the social significance must be assessed because in our attempt to enhance nursing science and articulate the discipline of nursing we must not neglect the significance of its practice to humanity and society (Meleis 1991: 237). Professional nursing accountability is when a nurse takes responsibility for their actions, judgments, and omissions when caring for patients . Assisted residents with activities of daily living including helping with meals, transferring using assistive devices, bathing, dressing and grooming. Develop these skills and emphasize them in job applications, resumes, cover letters, and interviews. Military and Uniformed Service Nursing – You would care for patients within the Military. Orthopedic Nursing – this kind of nurse takes care of people with musculoskeletal diseases and disorders like arthritis, fractures, broken bones, joint replacements, genetic malformations and osteoporosis. Radiology Nursing – Radiology nurses start or check peripheral i.v.s, assess infusaports, administer medications, monitor vital signs, and help patients with their personal needs, Registered Nurse (RN) -They care for the sick and injured in hospitals and other health care facilities, physicians’ offices, private homes, public health agencies, schools, camps, and industry. Nurse Anesthetist – This is a is a nurse who specializes in the administration of anesthesia. Hospice/Palliative Nursing – You will provide compassionate, comprehensive and total nursing care to people who in the final stages of illness. Nurses need to have a lot of medical knowledge and need to be able to perform certain procedures (such as giving vaccinations and drawing blood). Nursing Care Office Procedures. You might work specifically with people in a certain community to improve health outcomes. They can be found in hospitals, physician or midwife practices, and in public health programs. They can also consult and write scripts for television shows and movies about nurses. Nursing Manager and Nursing Administration – These nurses are mainly responsible for recruitment and retention of the nursing staff and their management. These nurses have to be Board Certified in Anesthesia. Professional organizations or certifying boards issue voluntary certification in many of these specialties. Now that you know what a nursing case study is and its stages, take a look at its actual samples by downloading the following documents. They mainly work in hospitals. Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing faculty experts can provide analysis, opinions, and comments on a wide range of health-related topics. 10+ Nursing Case Study Examples. Working as a CNA will provide a great experience for the Registered Nurse profession. They may also counsel patients. Clinical Nurse Leader – This highly specialized nurse oversees care of a specific set of patients, such as in a specific hospital department, as well as the medical staff who work there. Benner, along with coauthors Christine Tanner, PhD, RN, FAAN, and Catherine Chesla, DNSc, RN, FAAN, expanded on these themes in the second edition of their book “Expertise in Nursing Practice: Caring, Clinical Judgment, and Ethics.”8 The Benner model help nurses gain insight into how nursing expertise develops and … Resources and articles written by professionals and other Nurses like you. In nursing, professionalism reflects the act of providing quality patient care while honoring the values of respect, advocacy, and responsibility. Public Health Nurse–  They  work  with whole communities. In order to create your own evaluation, some clinical self evaluation nursing students examples will … Urologic Nursing – They treat  patients with urinary health conditions and perform urinary health exams and diagnose problems like bladder incontinence. However, nursing has a unifying ethos: In assessing … The right way to decide the suitable expertise relying on the job. Due to the vast range of specialisms and complex skills in the nursing profession, each nurse will have specific strengths, passions, and expertise. Critical thinking skills are highly valued in candidates for employment. Nurse Attorney – Nurse Attorneys have earned both their nursing and law degrees, so they can represent medical professionals in court, or work to change health care policies. But that’s not relevant. Operating Room Nursing (Perioperative Nursing) – OR nurses are the ones who are actually in the operating room during surgery, doing different tasks to either directly or indirectly assist in performing the actual operation. Substance Abuse Nursing – This is a specialty where nurses are trained in pain management of people in substance abuse treatment centers. Guides and directs others who provide care. This is LinkedIn’s attempt at encouraging its members to tout their skills and expertise, as well as increase the keyword count. Use these skill words in your resume: In the description of your work history, you might want to use some of these keywords. Nursing Note – How to Write (with Samples & Tips) A nursing note is a document that contains the history, treatment, care and response of a patient while under the care of a healthcare provider This note is written by the nurse who has been observing the client and is meant to provide data for quality assurance towards expected outcome. In the modern world, there are a number of nursing specialities. Some of these decisions are obvious, based on established standards of care, but others are not. Perinatal Nursing – They teach mothers-to-be about prenatal health, and what they’ll experience while carrying a baby. Going to nursing school is only the first step in your nursing career. Travel Nursing – These are nurses who travel to fill nursing positions wherever there are shortages. Help them to get on the road to recovery. Emergency Nursing – In this nursing specialty, you will work mostly in high pressure situations with critically ill and unstable patients in emergency rooms and other critical care facilities. Hospitals, employers, bariatric surgeons, nurses and especially patients benefit from having certified bariatric nurses on staff. They are highly specialized Toxicology Nurses. Ophthalmic Nursing – Nurses in this concentration care for people with eye disorders. Self-evaluation and assessment has been part of nursing. You will treat everything from insect bites to colds. OSHA BloodBorne Pathogen Training. 19 examples: Policy originated with the vets, but their claims to authority, based on… While nurses are not typically responsible for diagnosis, the doctor might not be present when the change happens, or when the patient shares the information. You will see all types of illnesses in this unusual nursing profession. To grab the attention of top employers, you need a resume that shows you can fulfill the demands of the job. Download nursing resumes that are proven to work -- written by Senior RN Managers and approved by Career Advice Experts. Here Is a Comprehensive List of Healthcare and Medical Job Titles. Psychiatric Nursing – They treat patients who suffer  from a  variety of mental health conditions such as Bipolar disorder and Depression. Nursing educator, researcher and author Patricia Benner, PhD, RN, FAAN, FRCN, provides in-depth insight into how the terms “novice” and “expert” are applied in clinical nursing practice in her 1984 model, Benner’s Stages of Clinical Competence. Transcultural Nursing – Based in anthropology and nursing, It is a specific cognitive specialty in nursing that focuses on global cultures and comparative cultural caring. 29 BEST Nursing Resignation Letters & Samples. Neuroscience Nursing – You assist patients in with brain and nervous system disorders. The statement emphasizes 10 years of experience as a They also need to be tech-savvy, because they often have to update patient charts through a hospital’s online database. Neonatal nursing is a sub-specialty of nursing that works with newborn infants born with a variety of problems ranging from prematurity, birth defects, infection, cardiac malformations, and surgical problems. Nurse Educator – This is a nurse who teaches and prepares licensed practical nurses and registered nurses for entry into practice positions. In order to create your own evaluation, some clinical self evaluation nursing students examples will be good reference. Holistic Nursing – Holistic nursing focuses on treatment of the entire patient – both their mental and physical well being to optimize health. Domestic Violence Nursing – A special type of nurse who specifically works with patients who are victims of domestic violence. Delegates care in a safe, efficient and cost - Lactation Consultation – This is a health professional who provides breastfeeding support and education. Not all patients are pleasant and polite. Forensic Nursing – These nurses work with victims of violence and those who commit it. They also provide post-surgery treatment and care for patients with ostomies. Participates in chart review, sepsis committee, and other quality improvement initiatives. One example of urgent care and emergency care skills is the ability to properly care for and dress a wound. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS. Registered Nurse with over 7 years of critical care experience. Examples of a Registered Nurse Resume Summary Statement. They act as liaison between doctors and patients. Emphasize Your Nursing Expertise and Key Skills A quick 10-second scan of your resume should reveal important keywords that summarize your nursing experience and give managers an overview of your qualifications. Plastic Surgery Nursing – They help patients undergoing plastic surgery or recovering from procedures. It is the right of the society to expect the best possible … Start a trial today! These lung-related issues can include asthma, tuberculosis emphysema, cystic fibrosis, and lung cancer. Nursing Student Resume. Objectives Identify the key strategies to implementation of evidence-based practice. Hematology Nursing – This is a nursing speciality that is related to oncology nursing, where you help cancer patients with treatments, pain management and blood transfusions. Also works with unstable patients, such as in ERs. If you know of an interesting specialty I overlooked please comment below I’m sure there may be a few others. Leadership Skills in Nursing. Labor & Delivery Nursing – You would care for women during labor and childbirth, monitoring the baby and the mother, coaching mothers and assisting doctors. The neonatal period is defined as the first month of life; however, these newborns are often sick for months. This post will deep dive into what clinical expertise … Nurse Legislator – Nurse legislators work on making changes to existing laws or passing new legislation based on nursing industry needs. In Expertise in Nursing Practice, the authors described proficiency as a transition stage because once the nurse begins to see changing relevance, a current clinical situation can be seen in terms of a past clinical situation, complete with all its sense of salience, thus enabling a higher level skill of perception. Independent Nurse Contractor – You are a  non salaried employee such as a  ‘temp’ nurse, or  ‘per-diem’ consultant, etc. Public health nurses          are able to educate people about health issues, improve community health and safety, and increase access to care. Overseas, Development, Volunteer, Missionary or Refugee Nursing – These nurses provide physical and spiritual care to people in other countries. Edward’s got a love for psychological thrillers, rock climbing, and experimenting in the kitchen (to his roommate’s dismay). Pediatric Nurse Practitioner – They work with patients from infancy to young adulthood, diagnosing illness, conducting exams, and prescribing medication. Nursing Writer, Author, or Historian – These nurses write textbooks, articles, and books about important figures in nursing. Perhaps this LPN career objective will provide the spark … Clinical nursing expertise is central to quality patient care. What is relevant is the fact that Eddie is an experienced RN. Nurse resume sample Let your nursing skills and experience shine on your resume. Nursing is a challenging, rewarding profession that requires a variety of hard skills. For example: … Their patients often live in long-term care facilities, rehabilitation centers, or nursing homes. Poison Information Specialist – They treat patients who have ingested poison, and work with schools and businesses on poison prevention and treatment. Correctional Facility Nursing – Works in jails, prisons and other correctional institutions with the incarcerated. Simply click a template to get started! Download RN Resume Example. Informatics Nursing – Your job would be to translate nursing practice information between nurses and systems engineers, analysts, or designers using object-oriented models or other techniques. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. Nurses have obligation to show skill and experience based on what they done. Check out these top RN-to-MSN bridge programs. This sample resume for an RN shows you how. Heal both their physical and psychological wounds with compassionate care. Develop these skills and emphasize them in job applications, resumes, cover … To address this, we examined effects of hospital contextual factors and individual nurse education and experience on clinical nursing … Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) – You have completed a program in nursing and are licensed to provide basic care under the supervision of a physician or registered nurse. All deserve compassionate care. Once you decide on a specialization, you’ll need to research the individual requirements. Our faculty is comprised of internationally-recognized health care educators, researchers, and clinicians from nursing, medicine, and public health. Supplemental/Agency Nursing – This is a freelance position where you work at hospitals or long term care facilities when their staffing is low. Case Management Nursing – This is a specialized type of registered nursing where you manage the long term care needs of patients who have chronic illnesses. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest Email. Nursing Cover Letter Examples . Clinical Nurse/RN, 2017 to PresentCity Hospital – New York, NYProvides patient-centered care in busy medical/surgical setting using the nursing process, listening skills, and critical thinking. Nurse Researcher – These scientists design studies, analyze data, and report their results for use in improvement of the field of nursing. Even nurses who do not work in the emergency room (ER) may find themselves in situations where they need to apply basic urgent care and emergency care skills, making it a vital skill for all nursing professionals. Share. RN-to-MSN online programs provide an accelerated route for registered nurses to earn their master of science in nursing degree. Nursing Cover Letter Examples . While most nurses are not responsible for diagnosis or deciding on the course of care, they still must respond correctly to emerging situations, and their input is often invaluable. Help to manage pain and end life with dignity. Much of your work centers on relaying information between patients, doctors and families. Perianesthesia Nursing (Recovery Room Nursing) – This is a nursing specialty practice area concerned with providing nursing care to patients undergoing or recovering from anesthesia. You may also want to include a …

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