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Automated Workflow for Government Compliance, Patent-pending deflection tools deliver requested information in-line and, Allow requesters to view and search previous requests (which you have flagged for public access), Proactively address anticipated future requests with “Trending Topic” self-serve tools and auto-follow functions, Single tenant architecture physically isolates your data for utmost security and protection from bots, spam, spoofing, malware, denial of service attacks, ransomware, data compromise and theft, Proprietary platform code (with no open source code used in our core platform) reduces vulnerabilities and protects against hackers, Encrypted at rest and in-transit (AES 256 bit), so only authorized users gain access to data, In-Tool Redaction™ reduces chance of data loss between tools, Role-based access controls limit what users can see and do, Dedicated, onsite security staff at GovQA guard your data 24/7, Compliance with CJIS, HIPAA, NIST, FISMA, and FedRAMP lets you avoid fines, litigation, and public discord, Rigorous SOC 2 Type 2 audit (now in progress) supplies evidence of comprehensive auditing, GovQA, the company itself, has an extensive SETA (Security Education Training Awareness) program in-house and is CJIS and HIPAA compliant as confirmed by annual 3rd party audits conducted at our facilities – so you can have full compliance confidence, Intuitive admin portal is configured specifically to your organization and its unique process needs by our dedicated implementation teams, Auto-route, escalate, track, distribute and log requests, Monitor time per activity; highlight problems and best practices, Response templates – pre-loaded and build-your-own letters & emails with [MERGE TAGS], Automated duplicate request flagging & linking, Automatic response date calculation and tracking to keep you on time, Alerts & notifications – automated emails to requesters and staff based on your triggers, Dozens of integrations with established partners (such as back-end repositories, payment processors, and existing document management systems) provides infinitely scalable tie-ins, Capture requests via any channel (web, mobile, phone, voicemail, email, text message, walk-in, snail mail, fax), Customized, user-friendly public portal with look and feel of your website, Let requesters find information OR submit a request online, Offer requesters 24/7 access and status updates, Manage deadlines, track exemptions, charge fees and collect payments, Dashboards, custom views and at-a-glance status indicators make it easy to see priorities, Configure Notification Center alerts and email notifications to match user preferences and roles, Full audit trail for tracking, proving responses, and responding to litigation requirements, Generate scheduled, on-demand and custom reports, Tiered request processing (aka “tasks on steroids”) creates effortless collaboration, delegation and tracking of complex requests, Exchange Requests™ let you securely gather information from external agencies and non-government entities (like attorneys), In-tool Redaction™ allows the redaction process to happen within the tool, increasing security and reducing steps to successful redaction, Easily collaborate and generate an audit log, Redaction functions include: Text Search, Pattern Matching, Redact Similar, Exemption Tracking, and Responsive Records Packeting. Response times and production of records may be delayed as a result of limited staffing and City Hall closures during the ongoing COVID-19 national, state, and local emergency. The Act also makes compliance with requests to inspect public records an integral part of the routine duties of the officers and employees of Bernalillo County as it is the responsibility of the county to make public records available for inspection. ", COVID-19 Relief: Helping governments work remotely - LEARN HOW. You may find what you're looking for without having to submit a new request. Due date notifications ensure nothing is missed, Automated emails remind support staff so you don't have to, Identify SSNs, emails, phone numbers and other sensitive information with ease, Calculate staff billable hours automatically. Release to an individual or the public at large. Access to public records is a cornerstone of an open, transparent government. Use of the NextRequest platform is intended to facilitate public access to public records under the California Public Records Act (CPRA) . Then, give us a call for a personalized demo! Popular features include Roles & Permissions, Audit Trails, Request Diversion, Automated Routing, Due Date Tracking, Message Templates, Email … NextRequest is the simplest and most convenient way to receive and track all public requests for both the requester and responsive staff. We appreciate your patience and ask that you visit for the most up-to-date information on the City’s response to the COVID-19. Collect the data you need to avoid excessive back-and-forth with requesters. This web portal will assist you in locating documents with ease. Then, give us a call for a personalized demo! Download our Public Records Request Datasheet and share it with your team. GovQA’s Public Records Request Management software handles more Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for state and local government organizations than any other software provider of its kind. Requesting Public Records The City of Lake Stevens strives to provide its citizens with an effective and accountable municipal government. GovQA The California Public Records Act (Government Code section 6250 et. We're not just FOIA experts, we're also the leaders in public records management software. GovQA offers the most advanced security technology available to government today – so you can prevent data exposure and limit your risks. Citizen engagement is enhanced with user-friendly tools. You will then receive a second email which will require you to confirm your Hamilton Township Public Records … You may even find what you're looking for without having to submit a new request! requires that government records be made available for inspection and/or disclosure to the public, unless exempted by law. Boulder County, CO, Board of Commissioners Chairwoman. Use this web portal to request a document from the City of Cupertino under the California Public Records Act. It will assist in communications with the City's Records Custodian, and will provide a simple way to access your documents. Pursuant to the California Public Records Act (California Government Code section 6250, et seq. If you need assistance, please call (916) 431-2934 or email records… "It’s the best thing created for all Public Records responders! Woodridge, IL 60517, © 2020 GovQA. This web portal will assist you in communicating with the City about what records you seek. Also, many previous records requests and responsive documents are view-able through this portal. Centrally manage all public records requests. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me at 707-648-4526. Local and state governments across the U.S. rely on our open records software to track their agency's records requests. Our cloud service can support virtually all compliance and security initiatives. We will respond as circumstances allow. Our patent-pending tools like in-line deflection which delivers detailed requested information before a request is submitted; powerful duplicate request flagging and linking; and tiered request processing all greatly reduce repetitive work, limit the opportunity for errors, and make it easy to collaborate with relevant parties. Designed with the requester in mind, it will make requests more efficient than ever before. You may even find what you're looking for without having to submit a new request! Welcome! seq.) Find out why we're the best public records software. Welcome to Lane Transit District’s public records request portal! Everything in this request box will be displayed publicly if the agency makes your request public. Many of the City's records are available online through the Records link on the City's website. Public Records Requests This portal will help you submit a public records request to the City of Santa Fe pursuant to the Inspection of Public Records Act, NMSA 1978, Sections 14-2-1 to 12. Manage public record requests with our robust FOIA software. Accordingly, please be advised that the City may not be able to fulfill your request at this time due to reduced staffing. hare it with your team. This web portal will help you communicate with the Farmington Police Department Records Division about what police records you need. There is no cost for receiving records electronically (e.g., e-mail). Use of the NextRequest platform is intended to increase transparency and facilitate public access to public records. ”We are pleased to be able to offer a system that makes public records requests easier to submit and allows us to respond more quickly to these requests. **** This portal will help you communicate with the City of Port Townsend about what records you need. You can view previous requests and responsive documents. | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Client Services. For requests requiring records to be placed on a media device, such as a CD, the County will assess a fee to cover the … At its core, the GovQA platform is built to resist security threats. This portal will help you request the records you need from the Los Angeles Harbor Department . All written communications related to your request for public records are public records pursuant to RCW 42.56 Exterro’s solution enables government personnel to orchestrate the entire process from request receival, through search, review and delivery of … If you have a public records problem; we have a solution! Automatically direct requests to the appropriate party within your organization. Our patent-pending tools like in-line deflection which delivers detailed requested information before a request is … Once you have submitted your request, you will receive an email from Township of Hamilton Public Records advising of your assigned OPRA request number. Deflect open records requests before they’re submitted. For records relating to accidents and incidents, providing information such as the date, time, location/route, and bus number is very helpful in locating records. Open Public Records James Madison University is committed to fostering openness with the public and members of the media in processing FOIA requests. It is single-tenant with a proprietary code base. The highest level of security and data protection available to governments. GovQA’s Public Records Request Management software handles more Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for state and local government organizations than any other software provider of its kind. All previous requests and responsive documents are viewable within this portal. Unfortunately, an overreliance on paper-based and manual public records request fulfillment makes meeting request deadlines difficult. I am writing to make a public records request. You can view a list of the Custodian of Records and guidance on submitting requests to St Louis County Here. Hello, Please consider this message as a request under the California Public Records Act for the following documents: - Any and all reports, memos, reviews sent from Burke, Williams, Sorensen to the City of San Diego mentioning 101 Ash Street. Redact documents easily and securely before releasing. Send documents of any type or size. Public Records Request Portal Per the California Public Records Act, the City of Menifee will make every effort to respond to you within ten days. I would like to request any and all studies, tests, complaints, documents, photos, emails, texts, videos, data and other records in anyway relating to or associated with Occupational Noise Exposure, Community Noise Exposure, or other noise related matters concerning the Carrollton Plant; specifically the noise admissions from the … ), I ask to review and/or obtain copies of the following, which I understand to be held by your agency: All records pertaining to: 1a. If you request copies, there may be a charge in accordance with City's Fee Schedule. Previous requests and responsive records are viewable here online. IMTG Public Records Request: 20-11513 Reference ID#20-535458 "LAX and Van Nuys Airport Medium Volta... Facilities Maintenance Utility Group Facilities Management Utility Group: 20-11510 Hello, Please provide records of all public requests for inf... IMTG IMTG Public Records Request: 20-11508 ”During the evaluation process for public records request tracking software, GovQA was the company that most closely met the city’s security requirements right out of the box. Request Closed Public We have provided all records responsive to your request. Connect requesters with self-serve information. Open Public Records This web portal will help you communicate with your government about what documents you need. Maintain compliance with dashboards and audit trails.

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