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Thank you for your faithfulness in serving the God of love Hatun. Islam churns out self important boys who think the rudest, loudest and most threatening person always “wins”. Also by comparing Psalm 89:8,9. with Mathew 8:23-27. will reveal that Jesus is God. Our motivation is love for Muslims to bring them to repentance and faith in Christ for eternal life. To be quite honest, if you are not provocative at Speakers’ Corner, then no one will bother listening to you. The police may have “removed” her for her safety’s sake, but the moslims took it as a victory for them and their filth. Like the Apostle Paul, “we do not use deception, nor do we distort the Word of God” (2 Cor 4:2). islamic apologists and ‘scholars’ are doing a great job {on their own }demolishing and exposing their cult. In the. I wondered then how the future would be with these people that believe killing is fine if it is in the name of their ‘God’ . Supporting their violence and arrogant yelling and intimidation only makes it easier for the moslim creeps to take over next time. That Jesus is God the Son and that Jesus is God. She wants Muslims to hear what she has to say. {Sahih Bukhari 2658}, Hatun Tash is a Gospel preacher- since she is now a Christian of course{Christians are CURSED by the koran k9:30 for believing in Jesus Christ} -and thus defined as one of ‘the WORST of created beings’ koran 98:6{along with ALL non-muslims}. As in the Son of God Who is God the Father. I’m impressed by anyone who leaves islam.But ex-muslims who become Christians{or persecuted Christians in islamic countries}are seriously impressive. The list of those known to have spoken there includes Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, George Orwell, George Bernard Shaw, Winston Churchill, Billy Graham, Lord Soper, and Tony Benn. So Islam with its strong contradictions to the Bible is a false religion, Proverbs 14:12. Daniel Greenfield, Jihad Watch® is a registered trademark of Robert Spencer in the United States and/or other countries - Site Developed and Managed by Free Speech Defense. They acted to protect Islam from criticism. Our motivation is love for Muslims to bring them to repentance and faith in Christ for eternal life. Hatun Tash I believe is Turkish and ex-muslim:an ex-muslim who is now Christian woman preaching at Speaker’s corner to muslim males{..who let’s face it..} are not as smart or as wise as she is. To crown it all I see policemen on one knee before …scum…..Death by Islam without a whimper. The police remove a woman peacefully exercising her freedom of speech, rather than arresting those who assault her and try to impose the HECKLER’S VETO upon her. 250 years ago Speakers’ Corner … 4:14,15. This claim, very much, underestimate the Power of God to protect and preserve His Word ,through time , and to keep in intact and away from the corruption of men. A Speakers' Corner is an area where open-air public speaking, debate, and discussion are allowed.The original and best known is in the northeast corner of Hyde Park in London, England.Historically there were a number of other areas designated as Speakers' Corners in other parks in London, such as Lincoln's Inn Fields, Finsbury Park, Clapham Common, Kennington Park, and Victoria Park. And Turkish ex-muslims {Christians like Hatun Tash or Atheists like the Apostate Prophet}seem to be fantastic at exposing islam. Let the Muslims(Islam) with the collaboration of the police prevent Hatum from preaching the King’s message, they all will answer, in absolute awe, to their misdoings one day, when they will bow before the same God they so detest. Anyone can turn up unannounced and speak on almost any topic they like, though they may well have to cope with heckling. …………. As found in Hebrews 1:6-8. Speakers Corner (London) Ltd, Unit 31, Highbury Studios, 10 Hornsey Street, London, N7 8EL. I’m waiting for them to turn St Paul’s into a mosque. Let the gate of hell be set loose, the kingdom of Heaven will always prevail. If you are forwarding to a friend, please remove the unsubscribe buttons first, as they my accidentally click it. You’re right it is grotesque, but Christians in the UK have no political clout to protect them from the PC police state. You can watch the full video footage here. It can’t be long before they try it. First, that Islam denial that Jesus is the Son of God is in great contradiction to the teaching of the Bible . That post is informative as to the condition of christianity I’m so sorry to say that she does not qualify for speaker corners because her English is VERY WEAK, also have a FUNNY accent. Author Hatun Tash Posted on 11 February 2018 30 April 2020 Categories Hadith , Islam , Salvation , Sin 1 Comment on Allah’s Unjust Judgement DCCI (Defend Christ Critique Islam) Ministries seeks to preach the Gospel to Muslims using apologetics and polemics. why are you so full of hate – because you follow the devil. The terrible thing is, Mortimer, your words will not even enter the consciousness of the Metropolitan Police today. Speaker’s Corner was a uniquely English invention and always depended on the inherent civility of the English people for it to work at all. Those with strong views on religion, politics and the issues of the day stand up to make them known, to brave heckling from the audience and to … In addition, Islam denies that Jesus is God. My take is a bit different from yours, though–I think we have an example of British bravery, within living memory (if just barely, at this point). This is very shameful…. Historic figures such as Karl Marx, Lenin, George Orwell, Marcus Garvey and Lord Soper have all spoken at the Corner. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It appears the police believe it is no longer safe for Christians to critique Islam there. – what’s left of it! WHAT A PUSSY LOVING JESUS GOD. Islam is growing in the UK, Christianity is shrinking. Quick History Speakers' Corner is a designated section of Hyde Park in London, UK. The original and most noted is in the north-east corner of Hyde Park in London, England. A Speakers' Corner is an area where open-air public speaking, debate, and discussion are allowed. Yes Andrew, said the same thing to my sIster. In spite of being a relatively short woman, she commands a strong presence and is not intimidated by crowds of mostly men who heckle her and surround her. He holds an MA in Islamic Studies… I doubt if any of them would recognise the country they fought, and in too many cases, died for. U K Boris has had to step in a number of times now to put right Sadiq’s failures and shortcomings, let’s hope he will again. We do not have this problem with ANY other religious group – none, there are those that are pushing to convert us, but no other cult has the ideas espoused by that rabid man in the 600’s in Saudi Arabia who managed to persuade a bunch of people that he was God’s messenger – makes me shudder – so many fools in this world just follow such a person ! For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Let them expose themselves for who they really are . . Since 1872, people have gathered at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park to exercise their rights to free speech in all its forms. >This time, the censorship was enforced. They are often characterised as attacking radical Islam but typically it appears to be Islam en masse. }, And to add insult to injury,it was a JEWISH woman{Sahih Bukhari 4428,Sunan Abu Dawud 4498}who exposed him. Speakers' Corner, as it became known, rapidly developed into an open-air forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions and it continues to be so today. Furthermore, Islam denies the Jesus is God the Son. It is shameful and grotesque. Our mailing address is: David Horowitz Freedom Center, P.O. In a YouTube discussion with David Wood, she revealed that in August, police warned her that they believe some Muslims intend to kill her and that therefore it is dangerous for her to go to Speakers’ Corner. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). This means that the powers that be are going to favor the former over the latter, Most people don’t care about Christians, after all in the leftist mind Christianity is a tool of western white male oppression. So far no one Wants her filthy PUSSY. The heckler’s veto is a crime against the majesty of the law which is the supreme, dominant authority controlling the conduct of everyone, however exalted or high his power. Hatun Tash will be forced to hire private armed security guards because the Met refuses to defend her civil liberties. Muslims in Speakers’ Corner are effectively enforcing a ‘heckler’s veto’ – threats of violence to silence arguments they can’t deal with. So what’s the point of the UK having a Royal Navy? It should have been those making threats who were removed, not Hatun. This incident simply shows that these muslims do not, and are quite incapable of, ever complying with the standards of being ‘English’ since islam has obviously never been a part of ‘Englishness’; so we see anywhere that’s been ‘enriched’ being dragged down to the level of the ‘enrichers’ – like Speaker’s Corner. Since 1866 Speakers' Corner has been a place of public debate, dialogue and arguments galore. May 21, 2018 1:21 pm By Joshua Winston. In fact, she was the *victim* of threats–and yet, police arrested the victim. No one can stop our Lord from His work. God bless and protect Hatun Tash, and the other brave speakers courageous enough to confront Muslims with the truth of Islam at Speakers Corner! My own mother and aunt served in the British Army, both going through the London Blitz. If the current trajectory continues, you are correct…. Sacrificing the Truth and the freedom to speak, for the sake of not having to send these thugs home or arrest them all. As mo said ”Jesus is love and freedom” – a stark contrast to ”islam’s hate and control.” May God bless , encourage and protect you. 2:9. Robert Spencer in FrontPageMag Muslims at Speakers’ Corner are effectively imposing a ‘heckler’s veto’ – threats of violence to silence arguments they can’t deal with…. Reply. Christians can be dismissed as cranks, and holdovers from a bygone age, while Muslims must be kowtowed to. Judging by the declining numbers of both speakers and listeners it would seem that open-air speaking is becoming of a dying art, certainly in the UK. Throughout her time at the Corner, Hatun has suffered … I have seen her in action and she is incredibly well-informed on Islamic apologetics and an expert in engaging in the cut-and-thrust debate that occurs there. Now. I have always had a thoroughly disgusted view of Islam since my Dad spent 3 years in Kuwait when I was young & reported his findings on male behavior & attitudes there when he returned…he sure scared me on the subject of Muslim males, which I’m sure was his intention, and I have had no reason to change my feelings on that subject over the years – stay away from them ! Enter your email address to subscribe. As in comparing Romans 14:12. with John 5:22. will show Jesus to be God. Together they give apologetics for their christian faith and make attacks on Islam. This will not lead to less disturbing of the peace as these fools believe, but instead much, much more. Those who go there expect provocative things to be said and done. Speakers Corner on the Nile. Tim Dieppe, Head of Public Policy at Christian Concern, said: “The police actions effectively enforced sharia law in Speakers’ Corner. It is one of the least religious nations on earth. To the Met, I say, PLEASE UPHOLD THE LAW OF UK WHICH GUARANTEES THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, ESPECIALLY AT SPEAKERS’ CORNER. Jan 6, 2016 - Speakers corner 2015, rasta man vs muslims,(RASTA vs ISLAM) debate on heaven, Islamic colonial mentality With this clearly stated, three things should be known. TRUTH can never be silenced, killed nor tamed, so I have heard and learnt since I was small, no matter how hard they try. You need to be very well-informed to be able to hold your own in the discussions. As for how he would have reacted, I think he would have done everything possible to alert his fellow Britons to the threat of Islam, just as he did with the threat of Fascism eighty years ago. Paul Williams . How could anyone fail to be impressed by Hatun Tash? Glancing through my fathers` war record , served in Royal Navy August 1939 to November 1945 , can`t help thinking what was the point. we can clearly see from Muslim’s and their prophets speech that their heart is full of wickedness and depravity. Hatun Tash did neither. When Islam was Synonymous with Knowledge and Erudition ... We created it for only one thing in mind; to create a peaceful corner that features just inspiring and uplifting material, focused around Universal Values to … God can never be short of messengers. Debates and dialogues on this channel is the expression of freedom of speech by all parties in their debates and discussions. That Jesus is God may be found in ,for example, John 1:1;3. Andrew Harrod This is also evident in places like London’s City Hall because London as it used to be has been disappearing fast ever since the current occupant of the Mayor’s office has been there; and that no doubt also explains the behaviour of the Metropolitan Police here. Ex-muslims who become Christians most likely will have a sincere faith:and they seem to make really good Christians. This is how God, JEHOVAH, has kept His work going from age to age. Allah is not Like Your So-called Jesus God. As seen in ,for example Matthew 3:16,17. Ostensibly they were merely acting to protect a brave, but vulnerable woman – but their actions also served to silence her. craig, I take your point, but there are still many more Christians than Muslims in Britain. They don’t want to offend the Muslims, and there aren’t enough practicing Christians to ensure that there is actual equal protection before the law. He was reportedly arrested in Speakers Corner for allegedly having an offensive weapon. You’re free to make a difference Jimmy dear…. Fuck off back to drinking camel piss you son of a pedo. Hatun Tash. Feeding, encouraging, emboldening evil. We had a very informative conversation with a supervising Police Officer about the concept of speakers corner, the symbol of free speech. Sickening crushing of freedom of speech–and this just emboldens aggressive Muslims, and teaches them threats and violence *work*. Second , to further discover that the Bible teachings that Jesus is God all a person has to do is to compare the Old Testament with New Testament to see that Jesus is God. I thought it was Speaker’s Corner, not Violent Bully’s Corner. 5:12,13. CONTROVERSIAL Anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson has been arrested in London. Video footage will show that it is a highly combative environment with accusations and insults being thrown all over the place, and where strength of voice can be almost as important as strength of argument. God-given rights are trampled on by the UK authorities. Even if you regard Christians as cranks, the idea that they should be silenced and arrested while Muslims are free to threaten them is grotesque. He frequently engages in debates at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park, London. I stand behind you sister Hatun . They acted to protect Islam from criticism. Of course many multitudes of them are not in violent mode, but how do the rest of us protect ourselves from their fanatics unless we keep them distant ? Muslims there now know that if they get angry enough and start threatening a Christian preacher then the police will step in and remove the preacher. Shortly after this, the police intervened. All that matters these days – apparently – is that Muslims, non-whites and LGBT aren’t offended, and that “The Economy” is not adversely affected… you know, that thing Boris has been steadily wrecking with great efficiency since the spring of this year coz virus. There is no doubt that Hatun was being provocative. Luke 1:35. To reply to the many apologists for Islam with their many claims to support Islam there’ the Christian site http://www.answering-islam.org. Likewise if a religion had teachings and doctrines that are in contradiction that is religion is in error also part of the world of darkness and is therefore a false religion. I always had a picture of it as the place you could say just about anything, and as long as you didn’t resort to violence you were protected. Perhaps that should read ‘back to the country they recognise’. The poice intended to protect her from the relgion of peace! This time, the censorship was enforced. The truly great Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill would not only find today’s UK unrecognizable, he would be ostracized, charged with “breach of the peace”, etc. Speakers’ Corner – Islam’s Fiercest Critics. Muslims are routinely provocative in their criticism of Christianity at Speakers’ Corner, as is their right…. Jay Smith has a combative tone and will engage the crowd. I picked a helluva year to start reading Churchill’s books on WWII (I’m halfway thru the 2nd book, “Their Finest Hour”). The *only* reason anyone should be arrested at Speaker’s Corner is for violence or for inciting violence. And, if they have any sense, they certainly wouldn’t go anywhere near Speaker’s Corner ever again. A great many historical figures have spoken at Speakers' Corner including George Orwell, Karl Marx and Vladmir Lenin. Required fields are marked *. Abdurraheem spent many years at ‘Speakers Corner’ in Hyde park, where he made his name as an inspirational orator. And what is God doing to protect this woman? As for women having a deficiency of mind,let it be remembered that the great ‘prophet’ died after eating poisoned meat cooked by a cunning Jewish woman whose family he had massacred. She believes Muslims are making threats in order to get the police to stop her from preaching because she is so effective. Now I am also not at all surprised to learn of this problem with Muslims since the number of mosques in London was already getting very numerous back when I was still a young woman. But, it is so unfortunate, that in the Queen’s land, Islam can so lay claims, as if no one matters, even the blessed Queen! Sharia UK: Muslims threaten Christian at Speakers Corner, cops remove Christian 3. I have been there for a Sunday afternoon and seen how the place is now dominated by Muslims, but with some brave Christians holding forth. May He also protect her always! Speakers' Corner stands as a noisy counterpoint to arguments like that. About Subboor Ahmad. Colossians 1:15-17. So all dear Muslims are thus invited to leave the false religion of Islam and come the and receive the Jesus of the Bible who is the only way to heaven, John 14:6. and the True Light of the world. Images on this blog are copyright to their respective owners. Speakers. I’m so sorry to say that she does not qualify for speaker corners because her English is VERY WEAK, also have a FUNNY accent. Enter your email address to subscribe. Before going over these three denials of Islam it first should the stated the Bible instructs the way to tell if a prophet or religious teacher is really from and of God or not is do the teachings and doctrines of that prophet of teacher really fit in accord what is found in the Bible ? “Sharia law at Speakers’ Corner as Christian critic of Muslims is removed by police,” by Tim Dieppe, The Conservative Woman, September 29, 2020 (thanks to Henry): SPEAKERS’ Corner in Hyde Park has long been a bastion of free speech in the UK. Both have been mobbed by Muslims to intimidate and chase out dissent. Note: This may be up to 15 emails a day. Here is the truth one more time: Britain is finished. That is her style. Box 55089, Sherman Oaks, CA 91499-1964. You have to wonder – how long before they build a mosque on Speaker’s Corner??? Christine Douglass-Williams Insiden itu terjadi di Hyde Park di London yang disebut 'Speakers' Corner ', sebuah area di mana berbicara di depan umum, debat, dan diskusi diperbolehkan. Confirmation of the fact that Muslims are a protected class in Britain, not to be questioned, criticized, or challenged in any way, is coming in abundance these days, as British officials frog-march their nation toward capitulation and Sharia. Give any criminal enough rope, and he’ll eventually hang himself; and one way or another, because no-one has stopped this situation, we certainly have some kind of demise is happening here. “Islamic group blocked from building ‘megamosque three times bigger than St Paul’s Cathedral’ in London”, https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/islamic-group-blocked-building-megamosque-three-times-bigger-st-paul-s-cathedral-london-a6707961.html. Imran Hussein (Islam) Patrick McEvoy (Globalisation) Heiko Knoo (Socialism) Brian (Men’s Rights) Ishmahil Blagrove (Human Rights) Patrick (Christianity, Intelligent Design) Jay Smith (Christianity, Anti-Islam) Sid Cordle MBE (Christianity, Anti-Islam) Ted Wheatley (One World) Information for attending Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park. Romans 9:5. The police were prepared to step in and remove Hatun and prevent her from sharing the gospel there. 16:15,16. He appeared quite concerned at the large crowd that was present outside the Old Bailey and at being spotted. The police action effectively enforced sharia law at Speakers’ Corner. A BBC article describes it as ‘the home of free speech.’ The history of the place stretches back to an Act of Parliament in 1872 which sets aside this part of Hyde Park for public speaking. This Speakers Corner was a Safe Space where all political voices could be heard. If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and you do not wish for it appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed. {See Deuteronomy 18:20 for the fate of a false prophet.muhammed mass-murdered the Children of Israel (Abu Dawud 4390) thus making him an enemy of YHWH,the actual God.YHWH always will have the last laugh and ‘allah’ cannot protect his muslims.Not even their ‘prophet’ could avoid being eliminated}. John 8:12. The result was that a Christian preacher was silenced by police in the home of free speech…. You will receive immediate notification. The rule here is: Let it rip. Robert Spencer in PJ Media, Articles at Jihad Watch by But now the latter are willing to enforce the former, even in their own lands. I keep wondering what he would think of England today. No group … even Muslims … attempting to administer a self-made law which vetoes the freedom of expression of others should be tolerated. In a video posted online Mr Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley Lennon is heard shouting: “I’ve been arrested for an offensive weapon, I’ve got nothing on me”. That is the nature of the place. Robert Spencer Indeed, it is reputed to be the most famous location for free speech in the world. Look at how cowardly ,deceitful and disgraceful muslim apologists are. -“A heckler’s veto is an IMPERMISSIBLE content-based RESTRICTION on speech where the speech is prohibited due to an ANTICIPATED DISORDERLY or VIOLENT reaction of the audience.” – Justice Dolores Sloviter. The whole system is contrary to Western ideals, and with the base belief that some of them follow that they must kill humans who refuse to accept this cult, we are all in danger from it. Ted, no better time to read Churchill than now. When free speech is curtailed at Speakers’ Corner, there is little hope for the rest of the country. muhammed the misogynistic chauvinist ‘genius’ would not of course have seen THAT coming: a courageous woman and surely a Jewish martyr {Zaynab Bint Al Harith} exposes him as a false prophet{koran 69:43-46}via her culinary ingenuity:’my AORTA is cut’ wails muhammed, a statement that according to the koran can come ONLY from someone who knows or suspects he is a FALSE PROPHET. ISLAM AND HOMOSEXUALITY LECTURE By Paul Williams Seems that Western Civilization just can’t surrender fast enough. Therefore your question should read: +What am I/we doing about it ?+, So off you go… Goodness knows Sadiq Khan will do exactly nothing to remedy this. She was told that if she returned there she would be arrested. Thank you for your faithfulness in serving the God of love Hatun. Learn how your comment data is processed. This lady is the bravest I have seen. Hitler was *enraged* that Churchill and the British did not roll over in the face of the Blitz. Any self-respecting Londoner who can trace their family history in the UK back to before WW2 and beyond has either left the ‘English’ Capital or is making plans to do so, or maybe seriously talking about it; and the media have already recognised what’s going on but politely say that it’s because people ‘want to get out to the country’. “I thought it was Speaker’s Corner, not Violent Bully’s Corner.”. Several hundred men and women join for the prayer. With emphasis on verse 8. Hatun was physically assaulted at Speakers’ Corner in July. On 11 February at Speakers Corner, Hatun and Godwin show how Islamic tradition disagrees with Muslims. Where next for free speech in this world-famous location? He is a convert to Islam. Speakers' Corner was still thriving in the 1960s as a mass rallying point for anti-Vietnam and anti-nuclear causes. Muslims at Speakers’ Corner are effectively imposing a ‘heckler’s veto’ – threats of violence to silence arguments they can’t deal with…. By threatening Christian preachers{and indeed ex-muslims,the ‘murtads’ they call them}they show how intolerant their cult is. Jesus is love and freedom and salvation , islam is hate and control and hell. The Met should defend freedom, not the bullies. Likewise, by comparing Psalm 62:5-7 . Exactly. This is *grotesque*. Much like their allies on the left, they know they can not win on the merits of their argument so they fall back on plan B. Second, that Islam denies that Jesus is God the Son is in strong contradiction to the Bible. WHY is my auto login via Google disallowed? Stop one, many more fearless would rise in their stead. “To the law of the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” [K.J.V.] I’m an old Brit of 80 yrs old, living in the US since 1979, and I have not been to Speaker’s Corner since I was a teen. This does not bode well for the future of Christian preaching at Speakers’ Corner. They also have to deal with foolish namby-pamby Dhimmi Christians who think that being critical of islam is not the way{these silly dhimmis should read the Gospel.Jesus Christ,St John the Baptist,St Peter,St Paul were no pushovers.They were not afraid to confront others}. Thank you for signing up! The ‘heckler’s veto’ is nothing but VIGILANTE LAW or LYNCH LAW or the LAW imposed by a MOB. Maybe she will love this Later a third individual appeared who has also been a regular at Speakers Corner, is believed to hold radical Islamic beliefs and has previously been reported to the police due to concerns regarding his beliefs. As the Bible instructs in Isaiah 8:20. Today the park is used by the public… 22 December 2019 Speakers Corner London Topics: Muhammad's marriage with Aisha; Jihad; peaceful Islam; life in Saudi Arabia (and many misleading comments from followers of Islam) But Hatun is not intimidated. Several hundred men and women join in a pre-walk Muslim prayer. God bless and protect Hatun Tash, and the other brave speakers courageous enough to confront Muslims with the truth of Islam at Speakers Corner! In the process they trample over good faith, valuable traditions, and their own reputation. But they are not loud and whining and threatening and violent as are Muslims. A follow up would be nice you have anymore info. Hatun, a leading member of the Christian ministry ‘Defend Christ Critique I s lam’ (DCCI), has been attending Speakers Corner for a number of years, preaching her Christian faith and boldly critiquing Islam. Two of her Christian friends were punched trying to recover it. Oct 4, 2020 at 4:10 pm. Third, Islam’s denial that Jesus is God is in great contrast to the doctrine and teaching of the Bible. It’s akin to red Indians circling a cowboy wagon. Because no one buying Her Filthy pussy. Your email address will not be published. In conclusion, in light and information of the Bible in can be seen that Islam is a awful and terrible doctrinal error concerning it teaching about the Nature of Jesus and therefore Islam is part of the world of darkness. Ahmad attended City University London for engineering, though it cannot be confirmed if, or when, he graduated. Her pussy isn’t for sale unlike your fat hairy smelly prostitute of a mother. You will receive a daily mailing containing links to the stories posted at Jihad Watch in the last 24 hours. Which reveals the Jesus is the Son of God? If you are forwarding to a friend, please remove the unsubscribe buttons first, as they my accidentally click it. Paul Williams is a British debater. A long line of treacherous, quisling politicians have spent decades making a total mockery of the service and sacrifice these brave men and women made for this country. He was very positive and supportive of the Hyde Park/Speaker's Corner experience, however he has the very unenviable job of having to monitor the very fine line between free speech, and hate speech, and to step in if required. {See on You Tube acts17apologetics who killed muhammed? ... telling him that he is all wrong about Islam and that theirs is a religion of peace. Don’t stoop to their level . At Speakers’ Corner, as sunset approached, a Muslim snatched Hatun’s holey Qur’an from her and ran off with it. When speaking out against Islam at Speakers’ Corner, one immediately finds oneself surrounded by Muslims in a circle formation. A major problem with this is that Christianity is all but non existent in the UK. JJF She has seen many Muslims convert to Christianity through her remarkable ministry. 13 thoughts on “Speakers’ Corner: How Islam practices its freedom of speech” Shuvo says: 9 November 2020 at 10:10 am . The Royal Navy will not even stop muslim migrant invasion boats coming from France – crossing the English Channel. Can some one put Giant Carrot In Her Virgina. 4. Your Jesus God so Crushes On His Human That Jesus God had no choice but have to Come out from Women’s Virgina. DavidR says. Author admin Posted on May 27, 2018 May 27, 2018 Categories Uncategorized Tags democracy, downing street, free speech, islam, speakers corner, Tommy Robinson, whitehall 2 Comments on Tommy Robinson supporters climb gates of Downing Street after his arrest and imprisonment – Media silent

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