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The heartwood will darken over time to a softer red-brown. All sales of utility grade flooring are final, product returns or exchanges are not permitted. This red or salmon-colored wood often has attractive streaks of darker strips. Description: Brazilian Cherry flooring, also known as Jatoba, is the most popular exotic hardwood flooring imported into the US. Floors beyond expectations. Great look. Brazilian Cherry La Paz. In this example, the inset clearly shows the type of ridges typically found in ​hand-scraped flooring. The species Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) is the most popular hardwood flooring import from Brazil to the USA. By using The Spruce, you accept our, Hardwood Flooring in Bedrooms Review: Pros and Cons, Hardwood Flooring in Kitchens Review: Pros and Cons, Solid Hardwood Flooring Installation Costs: Professional vs. DIY, Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Review: Pros and Cons, Wood Parquet Flooring Review: Pros and Cons, Laminate vs. Brazilian Cherry SMOOTH FLOORING collection. Kährs was founded in 1857 in the deep forests of southern Sweden. Using hardwood flooring in your home is a wise idea no matter what, as hardwood floors offer your interiors a timeless elegance. This solid hardwood flooring is generally reddish-brown, which gives it its cherry name. Rich traditional tones that breathe warmth into a room instantly. Sku:10042815 As Low As $4.48/SFT. Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring prices range from typically about $6 to $8 per square foot of material, this does not include installation or any extras. When purchasing this grade be sure to add 10%-15% to complete the project. In the last decade or so, the Amazon hardwood market has exploded, sending mass quantities of flooring to the U.S., Europe, Canada, and China at prices that keep inching lower. While Brazilian cherry sounds exotic, the prices really are not all that exotic. These products are not only less expensive, but more ecologically responsible, since less actual rainforest hardwood is used. Can You Add Padding Under a Hardwood Floor? Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 12 years. Although the quality of this economy brand is uneven, even when extra waste is factored in, Bellawood offers the most affordable hardwood flooring available. And it costs just a few dollars per square foot. Reserve Hardwood Flooring has it at all great prices. Even though Brazilian cherry is a very exotic and unique hardwood variety, it does not require any special treatment to maintain its quality. Exotic. This is the lowest grade of flooring offered, please do not order extra (25-30%) and try to create a Builder or Premium grade floor. The heartwood ranges from salmon to orange-brown when freshly cut. Unfinished, the hardwood has a creamy pinkish-red color that becomes a warm and rich reddish-brown with streaked tones after staining and finishing. Some people are stunned by this when they get new Brazilian hardwood floors – the floors look lighter and more orange than they expected. Collection . The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Maintenance. Brazilian Cherry Exclusive SmoothPlanchers de bois franc. EVERYDAY VALUE! close. Brazilian cherry signified over-the-top grandiosity at one time, but while its popularity has somewhat faded, this beautiful wood is still a viable choice for flooring. Furthermore, Brazilian cherry is known for having a fair amount of color variation and dark grain markings that make each floor unique. Brazilian Cherry Flooring. Over time, both natural and artificial light causes the wood to redden and darken.over time. 3/8 x 3 Select Brazilian Cherry Solid Hardwood Flooring. Shorter lengths can also be expected with this grade (15"-20" average length in most cases). It is possible that the material may contain milling, grading, or finishing defects including mis-milled boards, mis-graded boards, and shorter lengths(12"-18" average length in most cases). Shop natural floors 4.72-in natural brazilian cherry smooth/traditional engineered hardwood flooring (31-sq ft) in the hardwood flooring section of Regardless of whether you use the name Jatoba or Brazilian cherry, this exotic hardwood is a great choice for flooring, furniture, cabinets, joinery and many other applications. Premium/Clear Grade flooring contains natural characteristics such as small knots and minor color variations. Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring, also known as Jatoba, is one of the most popular exotic hardwoods. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. 2020 Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring Costs | Cherry Wood The sapwood of Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring may be white, gray, or pink. No matter what type of Prefinished Brazilian Cherry floor you are looking for, Hurst Hardwoods has it at a wholesale price. Add Free Sample to Cart EVERYDAY VALUE! The "handscraped flooring" trend has migrated to Brazilian cherry, too. Brazilian Cherry, also known as Jatoba, has become one of the most popular imported hardwoods in North America for a few good reasons: One being that it is incredibly beautiful, two being that it is incredibly hard, and three being that it is more affordable than nearly all other exotic … 3/4-inch thick and 3 1/4-inches wide: Most retailers will sell in lengths ranging from a few inches to 6 or 7 feet. However, FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) Brazilian cherry flooring can be purchased. As you can probably guess, no hands do the actual scraping. Utility Grade flooring is sold as-is. There are only two styles of Brazilian Cherry flooring with solid and engineered wood. Brazilian cherry is considered by some to be an endangered tree species since it comes from heavily-logged Amazon areas. We have also developed into a global market leader with sales in 70 countries, offering a wide range of flooring … Today, it’s one of the oldest flooring companies in the world. The heartwood will darken over time to a softer red-brown. A floor made of engineered Brazilian cherry is a nice compromise between the laminate and the solid hardwood versions. As the common name implies, Brazilian cherry (Jatoba) does hail from the rainforests of Brazil. Shaw builder grade products are considered factory seconds. Typical prices per square foot: Prices fluctuate, but this gives you a general idea of ranges and differences. Brazilian Cherry Exclusive Smooth - Hardwood floor available in Engineered « Back. The AC rating of laminate flooring measures its durability, on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most durable. With a janka hardness rating of 2350 and commonly referred to as its South American Name, Jatoba, Brazilian Cherry is one of the hardest flooring species available. For this large residential flooring market, the hardwood flooring is machine-textured to reproduce the shallow grooves seen in antique hand-scraped floors. It’s not difficult to see why: Brazilian cherry's breathtaking reddish-brown heartwood is lined by dark black streaks, giving it not only contrast but amazing depth as well. Plank lengths will be shorter as compared to premium grade. In reality, this wood is not a member of the cherry family at all but is instead a legume species, Hymenaea courbaril. Engineered wood products are also friendlier to DIY installation than solid hardwood. The other method to updating Brazilian cherry is to bleach it, which removes some of the red tone and leaves the floor looking more like teak. One of our most popular every year, because this is a classic Brazilian beauty. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. 99. Brazilian Cherry, also called Jatoba, is one of the hardest species available with a Janka hardness rating of 2350. However, it's particularly wise to decorate your home with Brazilian cherry wood flooring, as this flooring emits a strong, warm glow of reddish brown. Absolutely gorgeous, Brazilian Cherry adds flair without overwhelming your space. Brazilian cherry laminate looks fantastic from a distance, even though it is not actual wood, but rather a plastic laminate. Solid floors have a longer lifespan than an engineered product as well and can be sanded and refinished multiple times. Brazilian Cherry wood is a difficult wood to install so considering hiring a professional may save you in the long run. Beyond its beauty, Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring is incredibly strong, with a Janka hardness rating of 2350. Utility grade flooring is factory thirds and carries no warranty. 1-16 of 137 results for "Brazilian Cherry Flooring" Kingsport Brazilian Ipe Classic 3/8" x 3-1/2" Exotic Engineered Hardwood Flooring AF048 Sample. Jarrah Sydney. Jasson hardwood Brazilian cherry comes in the same two standard sizes that comprise most hardwood flooring on the market: Some plank-style hardwood Brazilian cherry is available, as well. The downside is that the Brazilian cherry appearance is the result of a convincing photographic rendition applied to a fiberboard core. Brazilian cherry changes dramatically during the finishing process. Its colors darken with exposure to sunlight, but all brazilian cherry floors will deepen attractively over time. This exotic wood flooring is made from Clear Grade Brazilian Cherry (the absolute finest grade on the market today) and offers beautiful … Carpet vs. Hardwood Flooring Comparison Guide, Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring in Bedrooms, Laminate Flooring vs. $2.99 $ 2. Brazilian Cherry is one of the hardest flooring species available with a janka hardness rating of 2350 and commonly referred to as its South American name, Jatoba. Brazilian Cherry, also called Jatoba, is one of the hardest species available with a Janka hardness rating of 2350. Builder grade hardwood can provide a low-cost option in hardwood. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. Home» Prefinished Flooring» Prefinished Exotic Flooring» Brazilian Cherry Flooring. Room: Stairs. The Exotic Collection, stunning wood from around the world. BR111 Exotic Hardwood flooring, wood flooring, hardwood floors, Brazilian cherry, Want to show off your beautiful new floor? It comes in all of the standard types of hardwood flooring, including both finished and unfinished solid planks and engineered forms. It is also known as jatoba, locust, or courbaril. It collaborates gracefully with modern furniture, but also handles classic and antiques gracefully. Product: Brazilian Cherry Stair Treads. and discount up to 70% on all flooring products from BR111, BR111 Hardwood Flooring, BR111 Exotic Hardwood Floors. In reality, this wood is not a member of the cherry family at all but is instead a legume species, Hymenaea courbaril. To enjoy further savings, you can avoid the high installation charges of professional installers and install Brazilian cherry laminate yourself. Call Store for Sample. Brazilian cherry hardwood, also known as jatoba wood, has been popular since the early 2000s. Brazilian Cherry, known for its hardness and durability, this exotic hardwood is a great choice in both residential and commercial installations. It is an extremely hard wood, with a Janka hardwood rating of 2350 (white oak has a Janka rating of 1360). This product is proudly finished in the USA. Unfinished: $4.75 to $5.00 per square foot, Laminate look-alike: $2.00 per square foot. Solid Brazilian Cherry shows full, rich color through the entire thickness of the wood, which helps to hide wear marks. Brazilian cherry floors feature a deep, rich color palette with red undertones. Known for its hardness and durability, this exotic hardwood is a great choice in … Brazilian Cherry Flooring is Pretty Durable. After. For a natural, exotic statement, browse below. Flooring Type: Hardwood. Again, the topcoat used will be important in achieving a more livable, enduring look. It is also known as jatoba, locust, or courbaril. And like all laminate flooring, it doesn't feel as solid underfoot as actual wood. A type of hardwood, commonly known as Brazilian cherry, was used as flooring in countless houses from 2000 to 2005. Finishing occurs off-site in a factory, not in your home, so there is no smell or mess. There are several advantages to buying your Brazilian cherry floor prefinished: One downside of buying it prefinished flooring is that it is more susceptible to damage during the installation process. While the wood's popularity among furniture builders and woodworkers has waned, Brazilian cherry is still regarded as a very strong and durable flooring material. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. These product feature the same polyurethane finish as a premium grade product. Before. Trees typically grow 100 to 130 feet high. Shop This Product! Laminate will always be the cheapest type, with engineered wood barely nosing out solid hardwood for the distinction of being the most expensive. For spaces that demand durability year after year, residential or commercial, Brazilian Cherry is an excellent flooring choice. Unfinished flooring can also be damaged, but it can be remedied during the finishing process. 3/4 x 3-1/4 Rustic Brazilian Cherry Solid Hardwood Flooring. General Characteristics. Naturally, you can also find vinyl flooring duplicating Brazilian cherry hardwood. Solid hardwood planks are difficult to install except by professionals, but engineered wood varieties are available, which are easier for DIYers to install. The popularity of the Brazilian Cherry floor is due to its combination of superior performance and beautiy. 3/4-inch thick by 5-inches wide: This comes in the same lengths as above. With age, it turns a rusty brown and is often marked with dark stripes. Boards show a lot of natural character such as light and dark boards, knots and pinholes. Torowood Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) - Natural, Armstrong Vivero LVT with IntegriLock - Best, Armstrong Vivero LVT with IntegriLock - Better, Mohawk Solidtech Perfect Manner Multi Size. Premium grade pre-finished flooring will be practically free of most finishing defects including debris, skips, streaks, blisters, chipping, or scratches. 11 Likes Share: Now let’s see the difference hardwood made in your home. A type of hardwood, commonly known as Brazilian cherry, was used as flooring in countless houses from 2000 to 2005. click to expand. When purchasing this grade be sure to add 5%-7% to complete the project. Find the BR111 Flooring at affordable Price! Nanolinx® HD. The common name "Brazilian cherry" was a marketing ploy used to play off the wood's blazing deep red color. This product has an AC rating of 3, meaning it is suitable for general home use or use in commercial buildings with light foot traffic. When purchasing this grade be sure to add 20-25% waste to complete the project. We offer only one superior quality grade (clear grade), in both prefinished and unfinished formats and several sizes. Solid Hardwood Flooring Comparison Guide. Jatoba accepts stains and finishes very well, which is why it has been such a popular choice for flooring. Vinyl is already available that mimics marble, slate, granite, distressed wood, hand-scraped wood, and reclaimed wood—is it any surprise that you can also find Brazilian cherry vinyl? Engineered Wood Flooring Comparison Guide. Check out our Prefinished Brazilian Cherry wood flooring options below. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. In an engineered wood floor, a thin veneer of real wood is applied to a layer (or multiple layers) of dimensionally stable plywood-type material. Builder Grade products will include variable amounts of milling, grading, and/or finishing defects; however, such imperfections should still provide a fully install-able floor. We offer cheap and fast delivery directly to your home. This 12mm Brazilian Cherry Laminate comes in a high gloss finish with a lifetime residential warranty. Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring, also known as Jatoba, is one of the most popular exotic hardwoods. And the species is not listed in the CITES Appendices; it is listed by the IUCN as being a species of least concern. Hues and tint that fascinate without fail. Price with installation are about $8 to $10 per square foot. Sku:10046149 As Low As $3.98/SFT. Because there are so many different shades in this wood, it is easy to pair it with many other wood furnishings in the home, creating a warm and welcoming aesthetic. The variation of colors call attention to the intricate wood grains of this exotic hardwood flooring. It’s not difficult to see why: Brazilian cherry's breathtaking reddish-brown heartwood is lined by dark black streaks, giving it not only contrast but amazing depth as well. We … It has a more uniform color and longer average plank length compared to builder grade flooring products. Here is a series of photos showing a Brazilian cherry hardwood floor we refinished in a Brentwood, TN home. It can include up to seven coats of aluminum oxide-based finish, with one or two top wear layers, saving you considerable time on staining and finishing. Bellawood is the Lumber Liquidators house brand, offering several forms of Brazilian cherry. Brazilian Cherry Flooring Makes any Home Look Spectacular . ALL Premium grade products are considered "first" quality. It is available in several forms, ranging from solid hardwood planks to look-alike plastic laminates. There is no waiting for the finish to cure—you can walk on it right away. Brazilian Cherry in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. These lengths are mixed together. The most popular floors at the best prices online -Exotic Floors Direct. This listing is for two 9" long sample pieces of our popular 5" x 1/2" Brazilian Cherry Prefinished Engineered wood floor. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. Cabin Grade products will contain, but not limited to defects including milling, grading, finishing, splits, shake, larger tight knots and some open knots with alot of color variation. Copyright © 2020 Floors for Less Corp. All Rights Reserved. Exotic hardwoods, including Brazilian cherry and American cherry, are very light sensitive. For more information about Brazilian Cherry click here to read our blog. Installing and finishing this exotic Brazilian Cherry floor in a Kennett Square, PA home really brought out the coziness and warmth of the family’s main gathering area. FREE Shipping. A cachet of exotic richness that will set you apart. Working with unique wood floors is something we specialize in. Get free shipping on qualified Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Flooring Department.

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