qatayef pancake recipe

Sometimes it’s called "Arabic Pancakes". As a friend told me: “Ramadan is the qatayef season!”. Turn off the heat, mix in 1 teaspoon of orange blossom water and leave to cool (note that you can keep the syrup for weeks if transferred to a closed container). This also needs experimenting, you can start with the temperature you usually cook your pancakes on. Pour 1/4 cup dough and cook like a pancake, on one side only. These stuffed and fried pancakes are the darling on dessert. Stack on a plate and cover until ready to use. Katayef is easy to make and requires few ingredients that is most probably there in your pantry. Qatayef is sold everywhere in Egypt during Ramadan, it is like mini pancakes filled with all sorts of goodies. Some people make the dough with milk, others with water only. Fill each pancake with the nut mixture (I place one spoonful of the mixture in the middle of the pancake). Atayef – also known as Qatayef - are small pancakes, stuffed with a sweet or cheese filling, deep fried, and served with syrup or honey. To stuff the pancakes, fold a pancake in half (cooked side on the outside). Fry directly from frozen, there is no need to thaw. To make a large qatayef pancake, use ¼ cup of batter. When ready, place the pancake flat on a teatowel and cover with another cloth. It keeps for about 6 weeks in the freezer. Qatayef Asafiri (Bird Pancakes) These bird beak-shaped pancake scoops are stuffed with an orange blossom and mastic clotted cream and drizzled with an orange blossom simple syrup. Cook on one side only. Qatayef (Katayef) Recipe; folded pancakes with nuts. And stay in touch with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for all the latest updates. How to get the perfect Qatayef batter? Place on a baking sheet and broil at 260ºC/500ºF if using an electric oven (medium to low heat for a gas oven) for approximately 5-6 mins. Start with the syrup as it needs to cool down. Brush each qatayef on both sides with vegetable oil. (Note1), Stir the batter a bit to check consistency if it is too thick then add a tablespoon of water. Too thin, and it will not bubble to perfection. To bake: place on a cookie baking sheet, then brush the Atayef with corn oil. With the bubbly side facing up,fill each pancake with prepared custard filling. *Note: if you have access to Aunt Jemima's pancake mix, combine 1 c Aunt Jemima's, 1 c flour, envelope of yeast, 2 Tbsp orange blossom and 1/2 tsp sugar. If you want a soft one then do not fry for long. Cook on medium heat until small bubbles appear and the batter on top looks dry. Butter a large non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Spoon pancake mixture into the pan. The dough should rise a little and get fluffy. The first step is to create sugar water to dip the pancakes into at the end. Apr 25, 2019 - Qatayef is a staple dessert in the Middle East especially during the holy month of Ramadan. Don’t want to miss a recipe? Xx. Hold the pancakes bubble side up, fill with little over a teaspoon of the nut mixture. Sign up for the FREE Amira's Pantry newsletter delivered to your inbox with lots of tips and surprises! Homemade Sweet Potato Cookies; Soft and Fluffy, Egyptian butter cookies ( petit fours / betefour). Qatayef is the star dessert in Egypt during the month of Ramadan. What sets these pancakes apart is that they are cooked only on one side, the other side is velvety because it is covered with bubbles, this allows the flavors of the filling to permeate the atayef. I managed to stop by right as the pancakes came out of the fryer and picked up a cheese-filled one. Your email address will not be published. The same dough can be used to make Qatayef Asaferi. rose water. Add 1 spoon of Ashta in the cone. Remove from fire when pores form on the surface on each cake. Sweet pancakes with clotted cream aka Qatayef aka Atayef is an extremely popular dessert in the Arab world. This dessert is famous all throughout the Middle East but especially popular during the month of Ramadan. She continues to describe how the different flavors have different textures: the melted sweet cheese filling of qatayef bil-jibna complements the crunchy exterior; the crunchy cinnamon walnut filling of qatayef bil-joz plays off the crunchy exterior; and the qatayef asafiri are soft and velvety because of the smooth cream filling and the pancake hasn’t been fried. Take qatayef out and let them drip in a colander. It is seriously very delicious and all my friends like it to the max and said it is the best.My kids never like qatayef, I guess because they appreciated nuts before. Here are some points to consider: 1- Frying: I like frying mine to a darker shade of golden brown, the longer you fry then the crunchier they will become. While the dough is resting, prepare the fillings. Place pancake mix and water in a bowl. You can fill them with cheese, nuts or whatever sweet mixture tickles your fancy. ½-cup soft semolina. Mix all the ingredients together and take one tablespoon and drop on to each pancake and seal with your fingers. instant yeast . What level of heat does the pan need to be when I cook the pancakes? Beat until thick and creamy. When I met Abu Ashraf, I cheekily asked asked him for his qatayef recipe but he just smiled and told me it was a secret. When the katayef are browned, remove from the oven. baking powder. Crunchy sweet and oh boy so satisfying dessert. Note4: You can at this point freeze stuffed pancakes on a parchment lined baking sheet for a couple of hours then place them in a ziplock and keep in the freezer. 2 ½- cups water. Toss to cover with syrup. It’s often deep fried, but theres a version that’s not and it’s much lighter and easier on the stomach – it’s called Qatayef Asafiri. Put 1 to 2 teaspoons of either the cheese or the nut mix in the middle of the pancake. Abu Ashraf is a lovely man who has collected family objects from all over Palestine and crammed them into his little cafe. Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon powder on each qatayef. Nazareth is home to many internally displaced Palestinians and their descendents. The first step is to create sugar water to dip the pancakes into at the end. Atayef can be either fried or less commonly baked. This makes Qatayef a very convenient make ahead dessert. Shape the pancakes as Qatayef cones. If you are in Nazareth, head to Abu Ashraf’s cafe, Dewan Al-Saraya, located in the old town. sugar. In a deep bowl, combine first 6 ingredients, add water and mix well. (Note4). You will find stands set up everywhere you go in Palestine with a hot plate where they pour the batter and in seconds you have round qatayef (pancakes) which are placed on top of each other and weighed according to … Now, take a frying pan over medium flame and heat oil in it for frying. sugar. These stuffed and fried pancakes are the darling on dessert. Qatayef / Atayef or Katayef is made from rich pancakes stuffed with hazelnuts, pinenuts and golden fried before being covered in mouthwatering thick simple syrup. Repeat with all the pancakes. These stuffed and fried pancakes are the darling on dessert. Atayef can be either fried or less commonly baked. If you want a softer qatayef, fry them until they are just light golden brown. The point is how to get the perfect batter every time.I used to make really nice qatayef but after a lot of trying .. this is it for sure and I do not think I would modify this recipe any better. Cook only one side until bubbles appear then move to a plate. One … He’s full of stories and knowledge about Nazareth and makes delicious qatayef all-year round (not just during Ramadan). … Qatayef / Cream-Filled Pancakes I must say I have a weak spot for anything with this homemade cream filling. Now you can start filling the pancakes. Food And Drink. In a sauce pan over medium heat, add syrup ingredients, stir a little then let it boil. If you’re ever there, ask for Mahsiry Qatayef shop on Hebron Road. And when I learned how to make them, it stopped being a Ramadan dessert because they’re my go-to whenever I have special guests over. The pancake is cooked when the top is bubbly and no longer wet, but still pale. Qatayef (also sometimes transliterated katayef, kataif, or atayef) is a pancake made from flour and semolina, which gets cooked just on one side, so that air bubbles sputter, pop, and eventually set into a really gorgeous, lacy pattern on top. Use your fingers to dissolve the sugar and the yeast. It’ll spread out into a circle and should be about 10 cm in diameter. Qatayef Recipe . Can I freeze Qatayef and for how long?Many say you can freeze Qatayef before stuffing them, I haven't had luck doing that. To make the filling, combine nuts, sugar and cinnamon. 7. 3 tsp. Qatayef is filled with sweetened cheese, cooked cream or nuts, then deep-fried or baked. So the recipe below is not Abu Ashraf’s one but it’s an adaptation of recipes recommended by Palestinian friends and how I think Abu Ashraf’s qatayef tasted like. Qatayef with walnuts is a complete food without fat, if you want to eat Qatayef but you are afraid of its large calories, try the recipe for walnuts and enjojoy them without fear. The batter will bubble at the surface and cooks, do not flip. Feel free to leave it out, I just tried that and it went ok. Next, add the flour, semolina, baking powder and salt in the water mixture. Not enough heat and it will be pale and you'll stay forever waiting for it to cook. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. starch. Remove off the heat and transfer to a large bowl and allow to cool to room temperature before dipping the Qatayef. I’m overjoyed that you have stopped by! The Christian population in the West Bank (and the whole of historical Palestine) has been steadily declining over the last decades while the West Bank's Jewish population has increased rapidly since Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories in 1967 (West Bank, Gaza & East Jerusalem). Cook only one side until bubbles appear then move to a plate. 6. Fold the pancake in half and seal the edges with the help of your thumb and index finger. Fry or bake the Qatayef. To stuff the pancakes, fold a pancake in half (cooked side on the outside). Set aside until you are finished with the rest of the batter. Sweet Cheese Qatayef Asafiri. (Note2). 6. Bake in a hot oven of 400 degrees. The majority of the population in the occupied West Bank is Muslim - it is estimated that 80 to 85% of people are Muslims while about 1 to 3% are Christians (see the CIA World Factbook). For qatayef asaferi, use a tablespoon per pancake, while for a medium-sized one you will need 2 tablespoons. Serve qatayef … Qatayef or Atayef is an Arabic pancake filled with cheese and nuts. So make the batter, let it rest and bubble, then before cooking deflate with a whisk and check the consistency, it should be thinner than pancake batter. Place finished pancakes browned side down on a clean dish towel to cool. The staff at my hostel sent me to Abu Ashraf’s famous cafe in the heart of Nazareth’s old town - he is known for making the best qatayefs in town, and indeed, indulging on Abu Ashraf’s crunchy syrupy pancakes is an experience not to be missed. Place finished pancakes browned side down on a clean dish towel to cool. For the cheese filling, simply chop your cheese into small pieces and set aside. The pancake-like dough gets stuffed with a variety of fillings. The qatayef or قطايف (also called atayef, katayef or kataif) sit on all tables during the holiday season of Ramadan. milk powder. I’m including here my favorite three, for the cooked version. You can make them sweet or savory. How to get the perfect Qatayef batter?The most tricky part in making Qatayef is the batter itself. Qatayef / Atayef or Katayef is an iconic Middle Eastern treat, made from pancakes stuffed with nuts and golden fried then dunked is thick simple syrup. Fold by pressing edges together to make a semi-circle. Food And Drink. Repeat the same for all the pancakes (makes 18-20). As always. Then, fold the pancakes in half and close the edges by pinching them firmly. Batter should be thinner than pancake and not lumpy. In Bethlehem there is a famous bakery specialising in qatayef which gets very busy during Ramadan. Do not overfill as it will not close or tear and crack. My youngest still ate the dough and discarded the nuts!! Hehehehe, This is one of our favorite all year long. They are special to the month of Ramadan. or should I say most of the work. You need to close it so fold the pancake in two to create a half circle and pinch the edges together all around, making sure it’s well sealed. Note1:  a recent tip from mom is to make this in your blender and this worked like a charm much better than a whisk. It’s a month of fasting and reflection observed by Muslims in Palestine and across the world. I find the best temperature is between 285F to 320F, mine was 295F.

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