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I definitely think Wilson has managed to create some interesting here and it is a completely new stick in their product line with the low stiffness. According to Wilson, the flexible feel is achieved with the help of two innovative material technologies, FreeFlex and StableSmart, both of which help deliver the benefits of flexibility without compromising the crisp and solid feel that modern power players crave. Head Size: 100 in² / 645 cm². The Wilson Clash has been engineered to be the most flexible racquet on the Follow the instructions below for selecting a string and be sure to enter tension. I do think the weight makes a bit of a difference when it comes to the return as the lighter rackets get pushed around a little bit more than the heavier ones. Similar in spec to other Wilson frames, the Wilson Clash 100 is anything but similar. Standard Length. A lot has happened since then so Tennishead thought that now was a good time to give the Wilson Clash 100 a thorough review including one of our exhaustive play tests. The best part of volleying with this racket was the ease with which I could put away the easy balls. The Wilson Clash 100 gives you access to plenty of power, spin, and control, all in a comfortable package. Copyright © Tennis Warehouse. Sometimes when the ball is floated at you with no pace it can be difficult to inject power into the ball to hit the winner, but the Clash made this nice and easy. At the suggestion of a friend, I tried the Wilson Clash Tour and it was everything I was looking for. The key elements you get with this Wilson Clash 100 are speed, comfort, and feel but at the same time, it doesn’t lack for power, control, and spin. The Wilson Clash is definitely a competitor to the Pure Aero, HEAD Extreme and other popular 100 sq inch racquets. Wilson LABS are basically the tech geeks that develop all the materials and technology for Wilson rackets and for the Clash they have invented Free Flex. Sometimes when you get a little nervous on the serve it’s easy to lose racket head speed, but the Clash 100 encourages you to keep the racket moving quickly. In my opinion, the racquet is good for strong beginners but most recommended for intermediate and advanced players. If you’re looking for a racket around this weight that offers all-round performance then you should definitely give this one a try because it is very unique. There are a few things that are key, in my opinion, with this frame. However, the Wilson Clash 100 goes a long way to achieving this aim and the result is a very unique racket. Again, I found I got good performance from the Clash on the serve, particularly for a racket that’s 295g. This offering uses the same 2 main technological developments from Wilson. String Pattern: 16x19. It’s got a little bit more of an emphasis on easy power and spin, than something like a Blade 98 and its characteristics felt a little bit more like an Ultra 100 just with a little bit more je ne sais quoi (more on that later). Standard Length. Visit Other Sports Warehouse Websites Tennis Warehouse Europe  •  Tennis Only (Australia)  •  Running Warehouse  •  Running Warehouse Europe  •  Running Warehouse Australia  •  Skate Warehouse  •  Tackle WarehouseInline Warehouse  •  Ice Warehouse  •  Derby Warehouse  •  Racquetball Warehouse  •  Riding Warehouse  •  Total Pickleball, We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. The Wilson Clash Tennis Racquets is a sublimely flexible racquet that maintains a powerful and controllable feel. I really liked pinging the return back with the Clash but it did lack a little bit of control for my liking. To counter this dramatic flexibility, the Clash uses Stab… The first racquet that makes this list is the smallest in its size, but probably the … Headsize: 100in�. It’s so easy to get this racket into position and no matter how poorly you miss time the ball it still doesn’t give you any horrible vibrations shooting through your joints. From the baseline, the Clash 100 offers a seductive blend of comfort and speed. Comments: I believe almost everything has been said on the Wilson Clash 100 reviews. Headsize: 100in². FreeFlex carbon mapping allows Wilson to lay the carbon fiber in new ways, producing a frame that can bend and flex to match any swing style. Length: 27in / 68,5cm. The Clash revolution continues to grow in the summer of 2019 as Wilson expands on their all new lineup of frames. Call or email us with your questions, and a Racquet Expert will be happy to point you in the right direction! That's why we have a talented group of Racquet Experts on staff to help each player find the right racquet and string combination for their play style. String Pattern: 16x19. Wilson introduces two new technologies to the Clash line of racquets that deliver's unparalleled power and control. Standard Length. With the Clash 100 Tour, Wilson creates an explosive modern player's racquet that blends easy spin and controllable power with outstanding feel. When you’re up against a big server this makes things a little bit difficult, but for the most part, it’s not a big issue. From this perspective, the Wilson Clash 100UL is a great fit and works very nicely for beginners and early intermediate players. Stringing information for Wilson Clash 100 Racquet: Tension range 48 to 58 pounds, optimum 53 pounds. Intermediate and advanced players looking for a surgical and spin-friendly player's racket with great feel should add this racquet to their demo list. ; The Clash 100 Tour matches all the hype through a combination of best-in-class control and flexibility. When you consider the tremendous amount of racquets available, and pair them with the even larger selection of strings on the market, you are looking at a mountain of combinations! Here at Tennis Warehouse, we want to make the selection process a bit easier for you. It introduces FreeFlex: a revolutionary technology that makes Clash the world`s first racquet designed and engineered to bend with any swing style. Strung weight: 11oz / 312g: Balance: 7 pts Head Light: Head size: 100 in² / 645.16 cm² Introducing the Clash 100, a uniquely flexible racquet with explosive speed, easy spin and great feel. Your email address will not be published. Nevertheless, we saw enough from the Clash 100 to give it a 7.5 out of 10 for volleys, a very good score for a 295 racket. There are two frames in the initial launch: Clash 100 and Clash 100 Tour. If the sports implement is versatile enough, its stability becomes a problem and if it’s powerful, then management is undermined. Wilson Clash Review: String Installation Because I had very little information to go off of with this frame, I didn’t really know where to start with what type of string or even a reference tension. I found that the ball was moving through the court better with the Tour, and I could get a bit more stick on my shots." The net was one place where I wasn’t quite so sure I gelled with the Clash 100. What makes the Clash special is what lies under the hood. With its raw speed and outstanding feel, Wilson has created an impressive weapon for those who want a light player's racquet. For singles, the Clash did enough for me at the net, but for doubles, I would probably want a little bit more stability on contact. The dynamic flex is a perfect fit for the modern tennis swing and provides an uncanny feel. For our playtest with the Clash 100, we went for a string setup of Babolat RPM strung at 50lbs. When I connected perfectly the results were pretty frightening for my opponents, but too many times I floated the ball deep past the baseline. The Wilson Clash 100 Pro Tennis Racquet is a sublimely flexible racquet that still provides a powerful and controllable feel. Updated with a speedy racecar cosmetic, this racquet is ideal for the intermediate player who wants maneuverability, spin and controllable power. Headsize: 102in². The name Clash derives from mixing the sports implement traits that resist one another. String Pattern: 16x19. Compare specs, new technologies and innovations in this brand new racquet line. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Whether you’re the aggressive baseliner, feisty counter-puncher or net rusher, the Clash 100 could do a good job for you. As a truly loyal Wilson racquet user, I was both excited and nervous to see what changes this frame brought to the court. Comments: I recommend for the best performance at 45 pounds for the 100 square inch Clash. As you start to improve and the power levels get much higher, then you do really miss the extra stability you get with something like the Clash 100, but of course, it’s all relative to your standard. You can’t fault the comfort of this racket, it just lacks a tiny bit of stability on shots like the return. It just seems to do things in a different way to most other rackets, and although it takes a little bit of getting used to, it is extremely enjoyable to play with. Wilson Pro Staff 97. What we found was a racket that’s not only enjoyable to play with, but one that also offers plenty in the way of performance. I just craved slightly more weight and swingweight to redirect the ball, and that’s the one thing I think would hold some players back. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Your California Privacy Rights | Accessibility*Price comparisons are based on the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price ("MSRP") or Original Selling Price. This earned the Clash an 8 out of 10 on the serve. The great feel comes in part from its low stiffness level (55-RA), which gives it a nice boost in pocketing, dwell time and control. The only limit to its capabilities is perhaps the stability which I could see putting off a few players. String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses Our Review . String Pattern: 16x19. As a result it has better pocketing, control and touch than a typical modern player's racquet. Other than a slight lack of stability there’s nothing to complain about though. More precisely, it has the same head size as the Clash 100, but the weight of 280 g is identical to the Wilson Clash 108. Lively and spin-friendly, this crisp and precise racquet is ideal for intermediate and advanced players. Head Size: 100 in² / 645.16 cm². Headsize: 100in². The Clash 100 Tour is a slightly heavier frame than the Clash 100, gearing towards players that want a little more control and stability without the loss of flexibility. Even if you have played for a long while, this will quickly help you find your balance after a few trial shots. You'll also find it easy to scramble on defense or crank winners on the run. Swingweight: 312. Looking at the specs of the Wilson Clash 100, it has a 100 square inch head as we know it’s 312 grams strung.

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